Comic Review: Super Sikh #2

Created By: Eileen Kaur Alden and Supreet Singh Manchanda
Illustrated By: Amit Tayal
Published By: Rosarium Publishing
Purchase Price: $1.99

Previously in Super Sikh we were introduced to Deep Singh. A Sikh, and also the baddest man to enter the secret agent game since James Bond. He's also fond of Elvis. Unfortunately, he was held up by the TSA for attempting to fly while brown.

We're introduced to the villainous Group X who aren't right in the head. Their plan is not to fight for their land as the recruits believed. No, their goal is to get famous on YouTube. It's the same plan as a lot of people. They're just going about it the wrong way entirely.

Meanwhile Deep is enjoying his vacation. Sort of, he's having trouble letting work go. That is until he meets Janelle a waitress that was being harassed by a group of men who can't take "no" for an answer. Deep took care of them rather easily. The two bond over Elvis and decide to take a road trip. That's all the story that you get for free. Go buy the book if you want more.

This issue doesn't give us a ton of story development. What it does do is extend the cast and introduces more characters that will certainly be major players. It also sets up the conflict. Group X is a ragtag group of villains. I have no doubt that they are dangerous. However, they may be more dangerous to themselves than they are Deep.

The funniest moment for me is early on. It's a recruiting commercial for Group X. A terrorist organization that offers losers a place to fit in. A place where they can prove their strength by beating children. A very funny scene you should check out because I'm not doing it justice.

Super Sikh does a great job of balancing action with comedy. The other thing it does really well is poke fun at issues going on in America. I'm a fan of sometimes making fun of issues because that's the only way we can see how silly some of them are. Sometimes we have to laugh at TSA because they aren't very effective. All in all, it's a solid issue of what's shaping up to be a good series.

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Comic Review: Super Sikh #2 Comic Review: Super Sikh #2 Reviewed by Darrell S. on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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