How To: Join the KKK BBQ

Recently the KKK released a flyer for their next Kookout at the Kool Kids Klub. They're looking for some new members. Unfortunately, they left an email address and a phone number. Some people have already decided to rent a bus and head down to the meet and hate. I for one, am not getting up early on Saturday to go hang out with the Klan. Ain't nobody got time for that. I'll tell you what I do have. I have an internet connection and access to some burner email accounts.

I figure, it would be a great idea to send the KKK some email. Just to let them know how we're feeling. It would be great if we could humanize them and let them see our pain and hopefully... no, actually I'm just going to send them stupid stuff from burner accounts for a while. I mean, what are they gonna do? Haunt me? I ain't scared of no ghost.

Now, if you're interested in sending the KKK some emails, I've got just the tool for you. You just want to head over to and compose a new email. From there you should address it to the KKK. Their email is Alternately you can get a burner email from as well. If you'd like to get replies, go for Trash-Mail because you can save the email address for more than 60 minutes and come back later. As for what you can send them, send them your hate, that way you don't put it out into the world. Alternatively, I've come up with a few samples you can send:

The lyrics to Mississippi Goddam by Nina Simone:
Hound dogs on my trail. School children sitting in jail. Black cat cross my path. I think every day's gonna be my last. Lord have mercy on this land of mine. We all gonna get it in due time. I don't belong here. I don't belong there. I've even stopped believing in prayer. Don't tell me. I tell you. Me and my people just about due. I've been there so I know. They keep on saying 'Go slow!' But that's just the trouble 'Do it slow' Washing the windows 'Do it slow' Picking the cotton 'Do it slow' You're just plain rotten 'Do it slow' You're too damn lazy 'Do it slow' The thinking's crazy 'Do it slow' Where am I going? What am I doing? I don't know, I don't know. Just try to do your very best. Stand up be counted with all the rest. For everybody knows about Mississippi goddam, I made you thought I was kiddin'
How about something from Willie D's song Fuck the KKK:
40 acres and a mule, peace to Charles Sumner. David Duke: I got your number. Talking that shit in the Cajun state, come to Texas and I'm-a wait, for you to start talking that trash, yeah, so me and my boys can put somethin' on your ass. How can you say that you’re a Christian motherfucker when you don’t even love your own brother? Family, boy, whether you like it or not then will this bullshit stop? Hatin' another man for his skin complexion but I’m focused in another direction. Straight out to ghetto and into rap, they saw blacks getting over and tried to hold us back fucking with me, what for?
Cause I ain’t slamming a guitar? Fuck you, bitch!
If you don't want to send them an email, you can contact YouTube and request that their YouTube Channel be removed. If you're really about that life, call the at 812-777-2410. Personally I'm about to sign them up for a bunch of spam.
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