Top 5 Worst Wrestling Finishers

I've been inspired. After Kwame listed his 5 least favorite, I started thinking about which finishers I really hated. Sure, there were the moves where they claim the person has done them so many times they become masters of making it more efficient. But, I got to thinking, there's been some other really stupid finishers out there.

5. MVP - Playmaker: I like MVP a lot. Anyone who can get on live TV and tell people "You act like thug isn't the new code word for nigger," and still have a job the next week is a hero to me. But, the Playmaker, is a horrible finisher. It takes forever to set up and even when he pulls it off it looks awkward. I just don't see how it's supposed to hurt anyone. His drive by kick should have been the finisher.

4. Zack Ryder/Madison Rayne - Zack Attack/Rayne Drop: Knee to the back of the neck. Simple yet effective. Adding a half nelson and a 90 degree twist for no reason just does nothing for me. Like the Playmaker, it just looks awkward. I don't know which of them started doing it first but it looks equally stupid for either one.

3. Mankind - Mandible Claw: Why did nobody bite him? That's what I never got. Just bite his fingers off. He puts his nasty slong sock in your mouth and you just tap out? Screw that, you put your slong sock covered hand in my mouth I'm going to bight through your fingers. It doesn't even seem like it would choke people.

2. Rikishi - Stink Face: I figure this would just piss someone off. You're not about to put your big sweaty ass in my face and then just pin me. Nah, forget that. I don't want any big sweaty asses in my face. You know those thongs had to stink too. Rikishi is 425lbs. You know he's not washing all the cracks of that enormous behind. But he's just going to rub it in your face, you know that thong isn't fresh. On top of that, how does an ass in the face put you down for the count? The reaction should be the same as Booker T throwing up every time.

1. Hulk Hogan - Leg Drop: How the hell has this move defeated so many people? When Big Show would hit someone with a KO punch you'd believe it because his hand is gigantic. When Randy Savage dived off the top rope with an elbow drop, you'd believe it. Hell, when the Rock hit the People's Elbow, it had the power of the people behind it. There is no explanation why Hulk's lame ass leg drop has put so many people down for the count.

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