Tenjo Tenge Omnibus Volume 4 Review: Tears Don't Fall, They Crash Around Me

Part 1 Chapters 40-45

Just when you think the drama of this series is starting to tone down, it amps up for it's final showing. In the first part of the Tenjo Tenge Omnibus Volume 4, the climax of Maya's feeling as well as the relationship between Mitsuomi and Shin finally bows out. Master Dogen wanted Shin to rampage one last tine so that this would unlock Mitsuomi's true strength, leading him to become the "Supreme Warrior" yet it fails when during Shin's assault on the group lead by Fu Ch'en, Shin full knowingly attacks Mitsuomi with a blow that destroys his body. We finally get to see the events that lead up to this blow since the beginning of the series. Maya was right, for a split second Shin knew who Mitsuomi was but decided to attack anyway. No matter how much Shin tried, he could never break his own destiny. This included killing the love of his life during the final showdown. Not only did Shin and Kuzunoha kill each other but the blow Shin dealt to her and Mitsuomi was devastating. This man truly does not waste his time killing people.

Though Mitsuomi didn't die from the Forged Needle, it knocked him out. For the time being it seems the school will quiet down with students killing each other, though Katana will never be the same again. I also like to point out how Mitsuomi, within 3 minutes beat 5 people to give the Juken Club the win the Tournament. Also, was the guy with the afro fighting with a basketball? I don't know if that was racist of some of the coolest stuff I've seen. This first half was stunning. It was beautiful. And it was sad.  All of this intensity is amplified when you realize, all of these people are only 18 and below. At least Dirtbag can go back to being a regular student.

Part 2 Chapters 46-51

So far through out this flashback I've been sort of sympathetic towards Mitsuomi. He was just a nice kid wanting to become a great martial artist. But now he's a killer, he takes over companies and has no emotions but anger and lust. He staged a coup against his own father and nearly killed him with the Forged Needle. Who is this guy? He's not the same guy from the beginning of this arc. The events that have lead up to this point are real, real enough to change his entire demeanor.

So the flashback is finally over as we shift back to the present. Mitsuomi is trying to make sure the incident two yeas ago doesn't repeat with Aya. Nagi and Bob come to the rescue only to nearly set Mitsuomi on fire. This is what I missed. Though, the back story was filled with action and drama, it didn't have much of happiness. Bob and Nagi are pure idiots but they bring joy to this otherwise depressing game of fate.

Aya has to confront her own demons and does it in her sister. Still jealous of Maya and Nagi while thinking she needs the demon eyes and sword to become strong, Aya is having a personality struggle. She tries to solve it by fighting Maya only to nearly get killed. She's been on the sideline for so long that I honestly forgot how strong Maya is. I wouldn't be surprised if she were as strong as Mitsuomi. After a pep talk from Nagi Aya calms down and accepts her fate.

I love Bob. If it weren't evident so far, I'm saying it now. I love the fact that he truly is strong but needs direction. I can't wait to see him fight later on in the series. Speaking of fighting, Nagi truly is the weakest of the Juken Club. But his DNA says other wise. He's a decedent of the Magabarai which seems to be a clan that would turn into demons, in order to fight demons. I watched the anime so long ago and it feels great to finally get knowledge on Nagi's hidden abilities.

This was a very good volume. We finally get the full story of what happened two years ago while getting some character development from Nagi and Bob as well. They finally accept what's going on around them while putting trust into Maya and the Club. I'm looking forward to what's to come as the drama and death can only heighten from here.
Tenjo Tenge Omnibus Volume 4 Review: Tears Don't Fall, They Crash Around Me Tenjo Tenge Omnibus Volume 4 Review: Tears Don't Fall, They Crash Around Me Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Thursday, July 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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