I Admit It - R. Kelly Gets What He Deserves

Can you believe the nerve of this man Robert? He really released a 19 minute long song called "I Admit it" where he admits to a bunch of stuff we already knew. Then he acted like we're supposed to feel bad for him. I mean, I admit it, I do feel bad for him, on some things. I'm a firm believer that you can empathize with a person and still realize they're a horrible piece of trash, especially if they're at least acknowledging they're a piece of trash and are trying to change. The most evil people often have horrible upbringings, serial killers are often proof of that.

Now, I do feel bad because Robert can't read and dropped out of school. I do feel bad that he was shot by a stray bullet that remains in his shoulder. I feel really bad about watching his best friend die. I feel extremely bad about him being raped by older women until he was 14. I have a lot of sympathy for that.

Let's get one thing clear, that doesn't absolve him of his crimes. That's what they are, crimes. I now understand why he had to ask "When you say teenager, how old are we talking," because he's probably not that good at math. But, if she's got on light up shoes, or has a high school ID still, that's a sign that she's too young for you Robert. You should have known better even if you could read the definition of rape. I know it happened to you, but you knew it was wrong then. You know it's wrong now, but instead of getting some help when the thoughts entered your head you decided to continue the cycle. I can't have any sympathy for that.

I believe in karma. Some people might see that as me just trying to explain things the best I can and that's okay. Karma catches up with everyone. Karma caught Robert. We've been so busy boycotting his music, we didn't even stop to realize he doesn't own his music and gets nothing from it. In fact, he's touring just to pay his rent. That's crazy. Suddenly I'm not so annoyed with the fact that local radio can't go a day without his music. He'll never see a dime for it. I'm not saying go out and buy an album. I'm just saying, at least we don't have to be mad at our aunties now.

I know he's supposedly at the edge now, but it's not like he's sorry for anything. Hell, he even makes excuses in the train wreck manifesto that he calls a song. Going as far as to claim he was set up to be filmed urinating on an underage girl. Marion Barry was set up with hidden cameras and models. You R. Kelly never thought to question anything going on. There were no hidden cameras or models luring you. Then to go on and say you never gave anyone any drinks but they asked you for Hennessy so you turned the phone off. That's an admission of guilt and I hope they lock you up for it.

The man sad he runs a sex cult but it's not technically a sex cult because it doesn't fit the definition. R. Kelly may read at a third grade level but he seems to have a masterful understanding of what "technically" means. Robert, really?

R. Kelly doesn't believe he's a pedophile because he doesn't force these little girls, because that's what they are, little girls, to do anything. But you said yourself you know it's wrong since it happened to you. That's textbook pedophile. You're trying to justify it as "love," that's no different than the creeps who think pedophiles should be in the LGBT+ community. You're trash Robert.

I don't know what R. Kelly is admitting to other than the fact that he might be worse than we thought he was. I'll be honest, I didn't even listen to the song. I just read the lyrics because lyrics don't lie like Robert. I'm glad Jay Z's sidekick sprayed you with mace. You had it coming.

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