Gotham: The Worst City on Earth

Gotham City is one of the major cities in DC Comics. No matter what it seems like every event finds a way to cross through Gotham. It's an economic powerhouse and hosts one of the largest populations in the world. It's held up as one of the greatest cities ever in the DC Universe. That's wrong, Gotham is a horrible city. I'm not sure why anyone would want to live there. It's terrible in every version. Doesn't matter if it's comics, animation or live action. Gotham sucks.

I mean the city is just ugly. Old fashioned gargoyles still dotting the architecture of the city. It's almost always dark because there's a cloud of smog covering the city. I'm not even sure what they're producing there but it's probably some dying industry like coal. The streets are littered with pollution. The streets are probably horrible because of the constant bombs going off. It's would make you sick just looking at this ugly city.

Can we talk about the criminals in Gotham for a second? Just regular criminals. We already know how horrible Joker, Riddler, Freeze, Penguin, Clayface, Ivy, and so on can be. They destroy buildings, commit mass murders, freeze entire towns just about every month. No, I just want to talk about you every day, common criminal. For this, I'd like to draw your attention to Batman The Animated Series specifically the intro. Please watch it below.

I know you might not have seen anything odd about it. Batman just catches some criminals that were on the run from police. But I'm gonna need you to go back. They just blew up a bank. They didn't rob it, they just blew it up. Who blows up a bank? I don't even think they killed anyone because they did it during the night. That's the type of things Gotham criminals do. Just terrorism for the sake of terrorism. These are regular criminals in zoot suits that the police didn't even call in backup for. They sent out a blimp and some dogs. That's daily crime in Gotham. They might rob a bank in Metropolis, but they aren't going to just blow one up for fun. Who does that?

Then there's Batman. You already know I'm not a fan, so I'll keep it brief. He's not helping the city at all. He's making it worse and most of his rogues are his own fault. You can't run around snapping people's arms and thinking they won't want revenge. But what does he do with the rogues? Send them to Arkham. The worst asylum in the world. If he isn't going to kill these terrorist and serial killers, because that's what they are, he should at least spend some money to unscrew that place. Bruce could fight the corruption, but he doesn't so now Black Mask is on parole again and this time he has a Superman clone. Now what?

Why the hell would anyone want to live in Gotham? There is nothing good in that city. It doesn't how many teenagers Batman gets to join him it will not make Gotham better. Gotham is a lost cause. You'd be better off in Hub City or Bluudhaven and that's saying something. They're murder capitals but at least it's regular murder. You're not going to walk outside and say "Oh, looks like it's poison rain again today," before you collapse and hope Batman had the antidote ready with his prep time. Gotham City, the worst city ever.

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