DITVB: The Memories of SledgeHammer Volume 2 Review: All Families Fight

Little dude who works on Gotoh's team is naive if he thinks he has a shot with her over Hama. Not only story wise but he looks like a 12 year old girl. Enough of him though, Hama's plan was great but it had a flaw. Clarissa was able to prick Gotoh's finger leaving her unconscious. Though, they did trick the enemy into capturing Akira instead. Though Akira let the enemy get away while Hama was fighting one of the other soldiers. The moment he transformed and broke the solver sword to take it out was dope. But the more you look at Hama's Lycanthrope form, he looks more like a panther or such. Speaking of that, we find out more about Rozenman's experiment to create werewolves capable of beating Beowulf.

Hama was and is most likely the only person to survive the tests. His past has caught up with him as it seems he still needs those needles filled with some substance to keep him moving. He completely shut down while driving in the Bund and almost killed a family. To be honest that family shouldn't have been in the middle of the street. Dumbass family.  Speaking of family, so far its pretty much confirmed that Clarissa and Gotoh are sisters. They both have the same face and pendent. I will say, it would be weird considering Gotoh's actual sister was killed early on in the series. Attaching these two together is going to be a weird action.

After seemingly getting the upper hand, taking out two of the enemies men and successfully hiding Gotoh, things are chill as one of Hama's former acquaintances comes to visits the Bund but admits this, the enemy is making their move. Clarissa has made it into the Bund and her master, who beat her with a whip for her multiple failures, is also on his way. Things are moving pretty fast now and I wonder if Hama can keep up. Honestly, the best moment in this volume was seeing Gotoh sleep by Hama's side. Both of them looked warm together and its the only moment both of them have had of rest.

The next volume is sure to be a great with because its the last of the Sledghammer series. There hasn't been much action thus far except for in flashbacks. Hopefully in the next we can get a lot more. That truly has been missing and although I love the dialogue and interactions between the characters, I really want to see some action. Getting more into the back story of Hama as well as Gotoh and even Clarissa was fine but it wasn't enough to entertain me. So far with this series I've been enjoying it but mostly because its apart of Dance in the Vampire Bund. Because of bland this is, if this were a separate series I wouldn't finish it but I'm sticking through it.

DITVB: The Memories of SledgeHammer Volume 2 Review: All Families Fight DITVB: The Memories of SledgeHammer Volume 2 Review: All Families Fight Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Friday, July 13, 2018 Rating: 5

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