Flame of Recca Volumes 32 & 33 Review: Mid Finally Over

Chapters 310-329

Its finally over though it should have happened ages ago. Everyone comes to the rescue of Yanagi including the people that kidnapped her. Aoi and Hiruko are not good characters so I do not care about them coming to help save the day towards the end, especially since that lost a couple chapters before this. Their existence is annoying.

Just when we thought it was over for Yanagi's life force, everyone gives their stories on why they love Yangai and she magically comes back to her old self. But its too late. Yanagi actually dies and for a bit its really sad. It's a good twist storytelling wise but wow, it really hits you a bit. Recca bring her back with the final Flame, the same thing Kurei did which is equally sad until Jigoku is defeated and she comes back, I wonder what would have happened if Yanagi continued to be dead. Maybe Recca would have killed himself.

The way Jigoku was defeated makes sense though I wish the fight was better. Yanagi's healing power being able to wash all of the evil known as the Tendou Jigoku makes complete since. Jigoku's design was amazing. The way he was drawn was the highlight of the these final chapters. As a villain he was great. I wish his final form was reached earlier that way we could have seen him do more. Maybe killed off the just turned heroes that worked for him. I wish Kurei had a bigger role. I feel the ending of the series but Kaoru going back in time with Kureo makes no sense. I understand Kurei because he has nothing left to live for in the future but now Kaoru is stuck in the past to eventually die. And once again, the two's relationship was not expanded upon earlier on to support this type of move.

These last two volumes were cliche but not totally bad. As a series overall this is the most mediocre series I've ever finished. There were times I truly hated this series for how cliche it is and how there are no real consequences. Its a fun series overall but I honestly would not recommend this series unless a person has just gotten into manga. If I had to rate this series it would be a 6/10.

Flame of Recca Volumes 32 & 33 Review: Mid Finally Over Flame of Recca Volumes 32 & 33 Review: Mid Finally Over Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Saturday, June 30, 2018 Rating: 5

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