Top 3 Oliver North Rap Lyrics

The new NRA President is an OG. That's right he's an original gangster. He sold more drugs than anyone you know. Oliver North, is the man who introduced cocaine into the inner cities. He's your pusher man. He also gets a lot of shout outs in hip hop music so I thought I'd but together a list of some of the best Oliver North mentions.

1. Jay Z - Blue Magic:
Can't you tell that I came from the dope game? Blame Reagan for making me into a monster. Blame Oliver North and Iran-Contra, I ran contraband that they sponsored
Jay Z is indeed a product of the dope game. But Oliver North started the dope game alongside Ronald Reagan. The Iran-Contra deals also led to many CIA missions that were nothing more than elaborate cocaine trafficking schemes. Sure Jay sold the drugs, but they basically sponsored him. Oliver North was the plug. Which explains why Jay didn't face any preconceptions when he parked and lost 92 bricks in front of 560 State St.

2. Killer Mike - Reagan
We should be indicted for bullshit we inciting, hand the children death and pretend that it's exciting. We are advertisements for agony and pain. We exploit the youth, we tell them to join a gang. We tell them dope stories, introduce them to the game. Just like Oliver North introduced us to cocaine.
It is so sad to see Killer Mike in his current state, being indicted for the bullshit he was inciting alongside the NRA. Anyway, Mike is old enough to remember the Reagan era when cocaine came out of nowhere and flooded the streets of nearly every black neighborhood, crushing the communities nearly to death with the power of addiction backed by the almighty dollar and the US Government. Everyone knew Oliver North was to blame but nobody seemed to care.

3. Wale - Ambition ft. Rick Ross and Meek Mill
My father was missing, War Lord Oliver North, life was diggin’ me deeper, I kept on coming up short. Breaking so many laws, waking up in the dark, who cut my power off? It’s time to move that powder soft, not too many options when you coming from the projects
 Rick Ross didn't have many options out of the projects. Either sell drugs or become a corrections officer, allegedly. Anyway, Oliver North was a the surrogate father and even mother to people because they parents were off getting high. Oliver North is a war lord who left people without their parents. Instead of murder, he used cocaine.

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