For Colored Folk Who Didn't Make it Through Infinity War Because Hulk Took The Rainbow Bridge

Written by Moe Nix:

First off, Fuck You Marvel.
Fuck you Disney.
Fuck you to the screenwriters.
Fuck you to the production team.
Fuck you to the editing team.
Fuck you to lighting.
Fuck you to sound.
And a big fuck you to the motherfucking directors.

With that being said; let me get to how I really feel.


The majority of the major casualties we received in #InfinityWar were people of color, specifically black characters.

1.       Heimdall because he had to save David Banner who did absolutely nothing (HE DIDN’T EVEN TURN INTO THE HULK).
2.       Mantis because Starlord is a worthless piece of shit.
4.       Gamora because her mast…adopted-daddy wanted a stone.
5.       Falcon because, them be the breaks.
6.       The Wakanda Border Tribes-Because
7.       The Jabari-They
8.       A few Dora Milaje-Don’t
9.       Black Panther AGAIN-Fucking
10.   And Nick.Mother.Fucking.Fury.-CARE!

And why were they killed? Population control.

Yes my friends, population control- Eugenics Lite for the “I’M NOT RACIST, I ADOPTED AN ALIENE GIRL AFTER I KILLED AND COLONIZED HER PLANET” person in your life. Thanos-God. Pastor & Founding member of “the Purple Man’s Burden’ social club- didn’t want the universe to rot, like his beloved Titan, so he took it upon himself to come up with an amicable solution: kill half the population on each planet with the help of his apostles/deacons…duh.

Picture it: the year was don’t-know-don’t-care, Thano’s home planet of Titan was destroyed because lack of/overextension of resources. This is when Thanos saw the light…of six infinity stones that have the power of killing off half the universe’s population in a snap.
And with that snap went most of the POC in the MCU Universe.

At this point in my musings, I’d like to take a moment to address the Avid Marvel Comics Fans real quick:

No, I don’t read the comics and I don’t have to because the MCU doesn’t faithfully adapt the content so blow it out your ass, you comic book purest. What I did do was show up and sit my ass down in the theater spending my good hard-earned dollars on 17 out of 19 of this movie saga so yeah, imma talk.

I had to take that quick aside because I’ve seen this blind allegiance to this movie’s “brilliance” in telling this story as opposed to taking into account the wtf actually just happened. They go through some length to explain that this “natural selection” idea to Thano’s plan was unbiased and random and yet…the POCs are the first to fucking go.

But Everybody Dies, You Know They Just Gonna Come Back.<<< Classic retort.

Is that right? Then why not kill off Banner because we have Shuri or Hulk because we have DRAX. (Yes, Banner & Hulk occupy the same body but have different storylines, so the death of Banner/Hulk could’ve gone with either of the afore mentioned characters and STILL made sense).  Why not kill off Captain American because we have Captain Marvel coming out in the not-too-distant future? Or Black widow because we have Okoye? Or Ant-Man & Hawkeye (weren’t even in the movie but still unnecessary) because we have Rocket & Teen Groot(RIP)?

This movie was bullshit and Blerd, Borks, GOCs and all the major POC/WOC social media influencers should acknowledge and address this as opposed to feeling obligated to champion the movie as being edgy or brazen. It’s irresponsible at best and downright deplorable. If there is no push back from our community, they’ll continue to needlessly kill off our heroes and demand our continued silence.
For Colored Folk Who Didn't Make it Through Infinity War Because Hulk Took The Rainbow Bridge For Colored Folk Who Didn't Make it Through Infinity War Because Hulk Took The Rainbow Bridge Reviewed by Blerds Online on Sunday, May 06, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. Say all of THAT. It cut my soul in two.

  2. The deaths were temporary to get basically just the "first class" as the main heroes for A4. Basically, Iron Man and them are leaving after A4


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