5 DC Characters That Need A Solo or Revamped Book

Over the course of DC comics history tons of character have had solo books, team ups and and mini series. Some of them have gone to become classic runs such as Teen Titans, Justice League and Superman while others have flat out failed or never got the attention they deserve. Today I'm going to be talking about 5 Characters or Teams that need to have a solo run or an entire roster switch that would propel their legacies higher.

1. Starfire
Everyone loves the alien Princess known as Koriand'r or her super hero name, Starfire. Most of us like myself have grown up watching different incarnations of her on the Teen Titans television show, multiple comic runs and animated movies. However, the fan favorite has been int he shadow of the Teen Titans or Outlaws for years never garnering a solid solo book. Despite being around for many years she's yet to have a solo book that launches her in to the top echelon of comic heroes.  Starfire should move on from the Teen Titans mantle, though we love her motherly love, and go on to face different adversaries. Maybe the Tamaranian Princess goes into space to other planets fighting universal threats. A Starfire solo book with a competent writer that cares about her would do so much for her. Imagine a Starfire and Jessica Cruz 6 Issue mini of them fighting aliens on another planet. Doesn't the pair sound fun together? She's also very underpowered. A good solo book would explain just how powerful she could possibly be while carving her own path away from a team.

2. Aquaman
Now Aquaman currently has his own monthly series and even his soon to be wife currently has a 6 issue mini with 3 issues in print now. What I want from a Aquaman solo is the King of Atlantis no longer being the King. As long as Arthur is King or is vying for the throne, he'll continue to have stories based on that and nothing more. What if someone else is King or Queen, Atlantis is at peace and we see Arthur and Mera adventuring through the the other 70% of the ocean? We all know that there are different Kingdoms Cultures and even mutant sea people so why not lung out into these places and explore them? Aquaman needs something fresh and this would not only due him good but also creates more universe building and potential new characters for DC comics overall.

3. Vixen
I haven't read Justice League of America since Issue 10. I stopped because it had promise but nothing was coming of it. In the pages that I read, Black Canary and Vixen had taken a back seat in the dynamic of the story. Things could have changed since then but regardless, Vixen needs her own series. Lets take Mari McCabe back to Africa or to other parts of the world saving children from undesirable conditions. She fights Governments, Meta humans and anyone who mistreats other lifeforms. Along the way we have Vixen donning a separate personality away from any team. We get to know Vixen for who she is and what she is capable of.

4. Donna Troy
With Rebirth Donna Troy's origin has been rewritten again. She's apart of Titans with her old friends but constantly faces the reality that she isn't human but was made from clay. She struggles with her identity and reality itself so why not give her a solo series that reflects this struggle where she eventually overcomes it or learns to accept who she is? I love Titans but Donna needs something different right now. She doesn't have to leave the team but she does need her own separate stories.

5. Blue Beetle
I love Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle but I didn't enjoy his latest solo book. The book felt bland and didn't do anything to make Jaime standout amongst the other teams. Though I would love for him to join Titans or Teen Titans but I think a solo series could help. Establishing some early and alien villains for Jaime would easily boost his book. Also have him struggle with his day to day life with the beetle on his back. Maybe he doesn't want to be a hero, or to have this beetle at all but knows that innocent people will get hurt if he doesn't suit up. Create a state of panic in his book that constantly places his desires and duty against each other. That would be a gripping story to read.

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