Flame of Recca Volume 25 Review: People Are Getting Killed

Chapters 238-247

We must play a game of cat and mouse once again before the volume ends. I have to admit, it was kind of lame at first but the fighting style of the way the crew has to go about beating the enemy is kind of cool. they have to communicate with each other through emails sent through the system on the 5 data discs. So far the gang, actually Domon with the help of Neon and her crew have one data disc which has the info of Kirito, one of the Shishiten, who has marked one of Hokage. Its clear that the target if Fuko. That was easy to determine since once again, Fuko is just helping anyone she comes across. Why would there be anyone else on the island that needs to be saved from Koran and Uruha? Once again we are shown just how naive this crew is. Recca even spares the life of a literal Pedophile in Kamui.

Surprisingly enough, Genjurou survived just to be slaughtered once again by Neon. Seeing Neon wield those swords was dope, too bad we'll never see her fight again. My favorite part of the volume was seeing Kadotsu rampage the forest killing all of Kuu's school. He even killed the main characters and it feels like Kuu may be killed next. Him telling Domon to stay safe and the way he said it just foreshadowed his death. I actually like Kuu. I hope he doesn't because I actually like Kuu. One of the few characters outside of the main bunch I really like. But Kadotsu putting his spear through the chest of the cat eyed dude did get to me. Homie didn't need to die like that.

I really enjoyed this volume though. Despite the idiocy, things went well. The art was dope especially on Mokuren who I hate because he's not strong at all but his evil faces are dopely drawn. Hopefully Mokuren forces Recca to kill. Mokuren does not deserve to live at all after the things he's done. That fact that he keeps surviving is annoying me. He truy is a rat that needs to be dealt with. The net volume will be dope. I hope we get to see Kurei finally show up because honestly no one is fighting Kadotsu without having to kill him. Whenever he's drawn is pretty cool as well.

Flame of Recca Volume 25 Review: People Are Getting Killed Flame of Recca Volume 25 Review: People Are Getting Killed Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Saturday, January 13, 2018 Rating: 5

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