6 Anime Arcs That People Hate For No Reason

No matter how good, bad, short or long an anime is, people always seem to find a way to bash a certain arc. Sometimes the arcs are pretty bad but overall most of these notorious "bad" arcs aren't bad at all. The people who dislike these arcs are either stupid or stupid. They can never tell you why its bad outside of "Its trash". That's not a solid argument.Today, I will argue why these arcs are actually good.

One Piece - Skypiea
The Skypeia Arc in One Piece is notorious arc not because of how good it is but because people trash the arc so much that you would believe it actually is, but it's not. Skypiea finds the crew in the legendary and mysterious island above the clouds. The island is ruled by a vicious Emperor in Enel who parades as a God. The crew just wanted to find gold but stumbled upon Enel trying to destroy it. Along with the inhabitants of the Island they fight back against him and his minions. The Arc houses one of the greatest fights in One Piece. Luffy vs Enel was fantastic from start to finish. Luffy had to pull out all of the stops in order to defeat him. On top of that we get to see Robin in action after joining the crew, the world of One Piece is now expanded, plus Robin found a poneglyph that became useful in discovering the secrets of the world. Also the deterioration of the Going Merry starts here and we all know what happens later dealing with that. Also the number one moment in this Arc is the use of Haki which becomes a power ability later on. There was so much foreshadowing in this arc alone. Is this Arc the best One Piece arc? Hell no but it's by no means bad in any form. Some characters even got stronger and learned new moves in here. So tell me, what's so bad about Skypiea?

Hunter X Hunter  - Greed Island Arc
The Greed Island arc is known for the iconic dodge ball fight that could kill you if you weren't strong enough but also because most fans don't like it. It's one thing to not like the Greed Island Arc because even though I do like it, I think it's the weakest Arc yet because it doesn't do anything to advance the story but it is a fun Arc to watch. Nut people flat out hate the arc calling it the worst arc in the series. When you have a ton of hobbies that are based on fiction ad has fanbases, you quickly learn that people don't know how to use words. By no means is Greed Island bad or the worst arc ever. Yes it does not advance the story but the action, training and concept behind the game was interesting to see. the main villain is pretty lame but he beat the breaks off of Gon in a great fight. It wasn't the best especially coming after The YorkNew City Arc but it was still quality content.

Bleach - Substitute Shinigami Arc/Fullbringer Arc
This is definitely the most notorious "worst arc ever" Arc. People flat out hate this ac but I enjoyed it a lot. The arc focuses on Ichigo trying to regain his powers by training with the Fullbringers but little does Ichigo know, they are conspiring to steal his power so Ginjo Kugo can once again challenge the Shinigami. The Arc itself only lasted around 23 episodes but it was not the worst 23 episodes. The arc itself is pretty mediocre and slower paced compared to all of the other arcs but it's not as bad as the rest. Could we do without the arc and just scroll on to the next and final arc? Yes but stopping to read/watch this arc will not kill you.

DBZ - Garlic Jr Arc
The Garlic Jr Arc in DBZ was filler but it wasn't that bad of an Arc. Garlic Junior returns to get his revenge on Goku but Goku is still in space. Garlic Junior poisons the water and air with a mist that turns living organisms into his minions and uses that against the Z fighters to bring them down. Obviously all this fails as Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin step up to take him down. After a hard fought battle and the help of Kami. To see them bodied and eventually comeback and win was pretty cool since Piccolo had to fight the most because Gohan and Krillin were weaker. It was a nice little arc to hold us over before we got to the Androids.

Death Note - Second Half of Series
People hate the later half of Death Note after Light succeeded in his plan to the point that they tell others to stop watching after it happens. I see no reason to hate the series. I really enjoyed the anime in the second half. L wasn't there to give us a rush and a sense of battle for Light but the anime continued to be good. There wasn't much of a force to oppose Light but never did I want to stop watching the anime because of that.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Daily Life Arc
The first Arc in the series is an odd one. Unlike other series where the first Arc prepares the first villain or sets the tone for what's to come, The Daily Life Arc was focused on creating the characters. The Arc introduced us to all of the key players, The Vongola Guardians, acquaintances and allies. From there it built upon their characters as we saw them interact with each other on a normal basis. It's the least exciting arc but it's enjoyable for the most part. The rest of the series doesn't have much laughs and giggles during the Arcs as the team is too busy fighting the next threat, so to see the bonds created early on not only helped develop the characters but also makes us care about them once they're thrust into these life or death situations. I agree the arc is a tad bit tedious as it last nearly 60 chapters and 30 episodes but it's worth it in the long run.

6 Anime Arcs That People Hate For No Reason 6 Anime Arcs That People Hate For No Reason Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Monday, January 08, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. I actually agree on most of these (Skypiea is top 5 idc)...Fullbringer arc is okay, it doesn't drag on too long and serves a reintroduction arc, so it's kind of fine. I should throw you into the Dead Zone for the Garlic Jr Arc though LOL.

  2. Man I didn't like that Garlic Jr. arc either. I mean it wasn't bad but was it really needed? Like for real lol. I enjoyed Skypiea arc. It really did have a lot of foreshadowing and character development. The Greed Island arc was legit though. Kind of long and drawn out like this comment but it did it's job lol.

  3. I'm going to be blunt. I enjoyed the Greed Island Arc WAY MORE than the York New City Arc. I'm rewatching HXH right now and I still feel that way lol. Skypiea is a decent One Piece arc for me if anything Thriller Bark was a meh arc. DBZ arcs outside the popular ones are a blur for me LMAO! Can't speak on the rest of the series you mentioned since I haven't watched them. - Tai

  4. HOW is Skypiea NOT the best arc in One Piece?!?! It stands out the most and it tells people to give Indians/Aboriginal/Native people back their land and everything. It wins off that alone.


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