20 Mediocre Projects of 2017

2017 blessed us with great music from American to Korean albums. Tyler The Creator dropped "Scum Fuck Flower Boy" to a widespread of love and Code Kunst dropped "Muggles Mansion" solidifying him as one of Korea best producers. The list goes on with albums from Taeyeon, Kendrick, BROCKHAMPTON, SZA and so on but for every great album we got, we also received a heap of mediocre music. Some of this music from established artist which makes your heart weep with sorrow. Nonetheless, here's a list of mediocre albums that should have been better. 

1. Girls Generation - Holiday Night
I was excited for another release from the South Korean Girl Group after 2015's "Lion Heart" which was a great album. This year being the group's 10th Anniversary I thought we would get something similar or better than "Lion Heart". We didn't get that. We got the usual Girls Generation album with a couple or handful of songs covered with a bunch of mediocre songs that the fanbase won't listen to to complain about them anyway. "Lion Heart" was full of charisma and saw potential as we got a look at what would SNSD's music sound like with actual care. That was all a dream as now we're back to "here's two good lead singles and a pile of we don't care, just give us your money because we're SNSD". To be honest, I forgot the album even came out.


2. Junggigo - Across The Universe
It has been almost 4 years since Junggigo released an album so of course one would be excited for his first LP. On top of that the features here are great as some of Korea's top R&B and HipHop artist helped make the album. Now the album isn't bad by any means but its not that memorable.For a second I thought "maybe its just me" but after multiple listens nothing stands out except for "247" which has Zion.T, Crush and Dean on it. "Across The Universe" isn't a bad album at all. It has some crisp and smooth production but it just doesn't excite you.


3. Red Velvet - The Red Summer
I'm glad "Perfect Velvet" dropped in November because I couldn't end 2017 with this being the album RV released last. The Red Summer isn't a bad album, but its not that great. All of the songs feel like throwaways from previous RV albums that SM just decided to put out for more money. With this album it just feels like SM got too comfortable with Red Velvet and forgot to push the envelope like they did in the past.

4. Pretty Brown - Episode 1
I was excited for this album for two years. It kept getting delayed and now I feel like it should have never come out because I forgot about it as soon as it dropped. Pretty Brown are a cool duo but they have yet to make an impact. The just coasted along with all the songs sounding familiar. Lyrically and vocally the album doesn't suck, production is even good as well but its just does not feel like anything I haven't heard or felt before.

5. Matt Martians - The Drum Chord Theory
This has to be the most mediocre album this year. Matt Martians delivers to us, his signature lush production but it all sounds the exact same. On top of this the lyrics are extremely dull and the singing is atrocious. About half way through the album I just wondered how this man is a front runner for the the band The Internet when his solo music is so boring. 

6. Khalid - American Teen
After his smash hit "Location" I was excited for him to be releasing his first LP. I never finished the album. After 4 songs I turned it off and never returned because this man can not sing. He sings every song the exact same, he's never heard of vocal stress, diversity or range. He just gets on the mic and opens his mouth. I don't remember what the lyrics to any of the songs were, I just know the theme was being a teenager in America. I don't know how he lives the life of a teenager when he seems to be a robot. I'm starting to believe the rumors of him being an industry plant.

7. Logic - Everybody
Now, "Everybody" isn't that bad of an album but its execution was a bit strayed. Logic tried to rap from the perspective of "Everybody", people with depression, suicidal thoughts, Blacks, Asians, Whites and so on. That's fine, but the message and even the art at times were tangled. They were lost in a bright effort that didn't shine as bright as it should have. Nevertheless it still is a good album, it just doesn't sonically, sound too pleasing. Also its 70 minutes long. I like my albums long but that's a bit much when you add in weird interludes from Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

8. Vromance - Romance
I try to like the 4 member boy band but they never deliver. Vromance is the first boy group under the same company as Mamamoo, one would think that they would be just a great but nope. The members have nice voices, they can clearly sing but the songs don't sound good. Of their 2 EP's, none of the songs have stuck with me though I've tried so hard. The songs are just bland without any substance. I forgot about them until it was time to make this list. 


9. BTS - Love Yourself: Her
Never in my life would I have ever put BTS on a list such as this. They've had great album after album but I guess that streak ends here. I've been with BTS since the beginning, back when they had nothing and honestly weren't that great but had some good songs. Then they took off. They gave us "Dark&Wild", "HwaYangYeonHwa 1 and 2", then "WINGS". They deserve all the praise because they worked hard for it and had the music to back all of it up. I thought they could do no wrong but then we got "Her". It sucks. If any other artist dropped this album it would be amazing but its not up to BTS' usual standard of quality. The entire album just feels watered down to what BTS usually does. Serendipty is the best track. The song is perfect but the rest of the album is mediocre.


10. Hyuna - Following
2017 is a weird year. This year tons of my favorite artist released mediocre projects. Hyuna gave us "Following" which I'm pretty sure is just promotion for Pentagon because the features with the two members are ass. The rest of the album isn't bad. "Mirror" is dope song that deserved better. Overall the album felt like throwaways that they wanted to get out because Hyuna had to have a comeback. Instead of everyone taking their time and creating an LP, we got a mediocre EP instead.


11. Jessica - My Decade
I love Jessica. She makes good music. Just not memorable music. I think Jessica is a good singer and songwriter but her music isn't that enjoyable. After the first couple of listens, one gradually forgets it exists as time goes on. Maybe Jessica needs to load her albums full of vibrant pop songs because though I like the delicate jams she's been making, she may need those pop tracks to distinguish herself a bit. Switching up the style here may be for the best. 

12. CLC - Free'SM
This is actually a good album. It just fails in comparison to CRYSTYLE that came out earlier this year. The lead single "Where Are You" is CLC at their peak. Its the lead single we've been asking for since "PEPE". Not only does it show off the unique side of CLC but they got to sing. They got to finally use their vocals on a lead single, which we haven't seen since "PEPE". Like I said, it has some nice tunes but its a bit of a step down from the near masterpiece that was "CRYSTYLE" which is their best album yet.

This has to be the most hyped up kid in Korea right now. I enjoyed him on Prima Music Group's LP "22.8" and some of his features but wow is his debut album so mediocre. It was definitely over hyped to the moon only for it to be only as good as a cup of coffee from McDonald's. This album had me questioning whether he's a good artist in general. The kid can sing and rap no doubt but he didn't show up at full power here. 

14. Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony
I'm trying to figure out why these women, who are vocal powerhouses, singing trendy HipHop songs? This was my first introduction tot he group and I was excited because I've loved their singles since debut but this album here is mediocre. The production on this album stellar and while they didn't blow me away with their voices, they still sung nicely. I was just expecting the entire album to be a work of art but it was wasn't. It has nice tunes on it but I was just expecting an album that I was going to be able to cry to. Regardless, it was a nice listen.

15. XXXTentacion - 17
After all the hype and domestic violence allegations, I decided to check this troubled young man out. I was disappointed. For a debut full length album it only comes to 22 minutes of mediocrity. None of the songs reach 3 minutes and have no form of structure outside Joseline Flores. Throughout the album we're gifted with little bits and pieces of songwriting and rap skills but the doesn't matter if I forget about the project after the first listen. There is honestly nothing to digest as its so surface level that it makes you feel stupid when all of his fans are going "this is so deep. I relate to this". Am I missing a heart? Am I a Tin Man? The album is so mediocre that it should have just been an EP or a Mixtape. I feel sorry for whoever paid for this.

16. Loco - Summer Go Loco
Loco's second EP comes after his first LP earlier this year. Unlike "BLEACHED" where the later half of the album could make up for the first half being "eh", these 4 songs aren't worth listening to nor putting in a playlist. I fear Loco has gotten way to comfortable as one of the hottest rappers right now and is just putting out content because "why not?" Everything he's released this year has been a watered down version of himself. The only song I heard that made me go "this is Loco" is his verse on Live's "Right Here Right Now".  "Summer Go Loco" suffers worse because it comes after a mediocre LP and does nothing to amp up the summer vibe.

17. Day Day - All Day Every Day
Fans have been waiting for a DayDay project since his 2015 appearance on SMTM4. Since then he's dropped dope tracks a features but an album alluded us until this year. "All Day Every Day" has a feature on 5 of the 6 tracks. Day Day gets lost in the shuffle to the artist he features and on "No Tomorrow" Lil Boi utterly destroys him bar for bar, in flow, and charisma. Day Day never stood a chance on that song. Also the theme or vibe of the album is lost. All of the songs here a produced well by Gray and Cha Cha but they went to waste as this album feels like an AOMG compilation album and Day Day isn't even signed to AOMG.

18. DJ Khaled - Grateful
Last year's "Major Key" album had a slew of bangers with a couple of duds but for the most part the album was pretty good. DJ Khaled tried to recreate that this year with the exact same cast as last year and it failed. The only true successful track is "Wild Thoughts" but that's damn near a cover of "Maria Maria". Why Nas and Travis Scott ever hoped on the same track together baffles me to this day. That should never happen again. The rest of the album is purely mediocre and for an album of 22 songs, this was not worth it. I can't pull 5 songs from this and recommend it to someone.

19. Domo Genesis - Red Corrolla
I barely remember this project but what I do remember is that there is an interlude after every single track. We need to end that shit right now. Having an interlude after every song needs to fucking die. That's the main reason I never returned to this mixtape.

20. Lil Uzi Vert - Luv Is Rage 2
From his singles I never cared for this man but with "Luv is Rage 2" being so hyped up I needed to hear just why people liked this man so much. I still don't see it. The way people talked about Uzi I thought he was a punk rock kid trying to make emo rap but no, he just sucks. I was expecting themes of love and raw emotions but got songs about money, fame and bitches or whatever the hell "222+444" is. The only good songs are "Neon Guts" with Pharrell and "Unfazed" with The Weekend. The rest of the album is fucking horrible. People who listen to this man need to be watched at all times. 
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