NBA 2K18 - You Don't Really Need A New Game

I'm a firm believer of only buying a new sports game every other year, because they're essentially expensive roster updates and you can do that on your own. Now it's really easy, but growing up you had to make the trades in game yourself. This year was the year I was supposed to get me some new sports games. I could stop scanning Operation Sports to get a new roster every week. That just didn't happen, well not for basketball anyway.

First, I was going to get NBA Live 18 because I thought it would be great to support them getting back in the game. Then I got to look at their franchise mode and it made me sad. See, I like career mode and all that other stuff. But that's my mode. Take a bad team, spend hours scouting prospects and making multi stepped trades to land a respectable roster only to just barely miss the playoffs. But, you draft well and the next season you're a sixth seed. Each season you go a little further. That's my mode, that's what I love. That slow methodical build, I love that. Sadly, their franchise mode look like NBA 2K14 and I don't want to go that far back. Everything else looked great, but like I've said twice now, that is my mode and it matters to me more than any other mode.

Then I figured, I'd just pick up NBA 2K18 because that has all the League features I needed. But, my spider-senses were tingling. I took a look at some Chris Smoove videos because Chris Smoove has never lied to me. I watch a few videos and he goes down a list of things that are just wrong. Everything costs VC, career mode is a constant advertisement for real life products, offensive play calling features have been removed, and the list just keep going on. I mean, Chris Smoove gets paid to play the game, why would he say bad things about it, if they weren't true? That's a righteous man right there.

What was I going to do? Well, one day I returned home from work to see a package waiting for me. It was a copy of NBA 2K17. Apparently, in one of my sleep deprived states I spent fifteen dollars on a copy of 2K17 at some point months ago and it just never came. I looked, I ordered the game in June, I don't remember doing it, but I did. I popped in the game, fired up a new League, it was easy, downloaded the newest roster and it was all good.

Part of me doesn't want to pay for a game I'm not going to be fully satisfied with. Especially if it's going to be filled with mircotransactions and not so subtle in game advertisements. When someone is paid to play the game, and they aren't happy with the game that's a bad sign. There was a 3 out of 10 review for NBA 2K18 done by Sixth Axis that was removed due to alleged pressure from 2K before it was posted again later. Even if it's not true, that's not a good look that 2K never acknowledged it.

The other part of me is a cheap asshole asking "are you really gonna pay for 2K18 just to pay for stuff in the game too?" and of course the answer is "not all." So I'm just not going to be buying 2K18 any time soon. As for NBA Live, I'll probably get it at some point just not right away because I have a new toy now. I guess the point of this is, stop spending money on games that aren't going to make significant improvements and then still charge you money in game while force feeding you advertisements. It's just not worth the hassle.

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