5 Things Bendis Should Write at DC

Brian Michael Bendis, one of the leaders in Marvel's resurgence has signed with DC Comics. If you watch wrestling, this is like when Hulk Hogan showed up in WCW. It's like when Kenny King was a Ring of Honor champion and showed up on an episode of Impact. If you don't watch wrestling this is like Brett Farve going to the Vikings. It's LeBron James going to The Heat. If you don't watch sports this is Ghost from Power going to Empire. Scrap the analogies this is just big news. Crazy big news. There's a lot of things he can write. What should he write? I made a list.

1. Green Arrow

It's no secret I've been a fan of Green Arrow since the Justice League cartoons back when I was a kid. I always saw him as doing the right thing even if it wasn't considered that by some of the heroes. He doesn't just catch bank robbers like Batman, he takes the time to figure out why they were robbing  a bank and how he can help. Green Arrow is a billionaire play boy but unlike Batman and Iron Man, he has a conscience. Bendis does great writing these characters and it would be interesting to see what he could do with Oliver. 

2. Blue Beetle

I'm not talking about Ted Kord. I don't really care for Ted. He's some kind of weird mix of Spider-Man, Batman and maybe Deadpool. I'm talking about Jaime Reyes. My boy Jaime gets no respect. He's got the potential to be one of the greatest heroes in the world, no, universe. Yet he's constantly overlooked. I won't lie. I saw what Bendis did with Miles and I want him to do the same with Jaime. I want Jaime to be the default Blue Beetle. Ted is dead people. Show Jaime some love. Why am I the only one who likes Jaime? I can't be. Bendis, save Jaime.

3. The Signal

I could write "See Blue Beetle," but I won't, Duke has a different problem. I like Duke Thomas. I like Duke a lot. The problem is he's got no direction. They spent a long time slowly building him up as a character. They took a few years before he became a bad ass and finally got accepted to the Bat Family. He found his parents, his hero team split up. He's not doing anything now. He doesn't have a purpose. Dick Grayson is trying to cement himself as a solo her (still?), Jason Todd is doing the jobs too dirty for Batman, Tim is trying to figure out what kind of hero he wants to be, Damian is trying to replace Batman. What is Duke doing? He's getting a solo, and he doesn't have any major goals or enemies. Maybe Bendis forces Jaime and Duke to

4. Raven and Beast Boy

They're too damn old to be Teen Titans. They need to do their own thing solo and to my knowledge nobody ever pursued it. I can't remember the last time anyone covered their origins either, they're just there. Raven is obviously part demon and believe it or not Beast Boy is a multi-millionare due to the inheritance his parents left him. There's a lot of trauma to unpack there that nobody has, his parents died, he was held captive and forced to do crime, part of his inheritance was stolen, he is adopted by the Doom Patrol and they die. Then there's Raven constantly being tracked and exploited by her father hoping to bring an end to the world. There's a lot to cover with these two and nobody does it. These aren't teenagers, they're young adults. He can tackle serious issues with them the way he did with Jessica Jones or bring them back to relevance like he did with Luke Cage.

5. Suicide Squad

I know what you're thinking. You think this is a little dark for Bendis who seems to constantly be a happy guy. Well you're wrong. Did you read his run on Daredevil or Alias? I know you read Alias. Everyone read it. He could make it dark and gritty. He wrote like 5 volumes of Daredevil. It's time he channel some of that darkness and put it to good use. I'm not usually a fan of Bendis on team books because they get out of hand. If he's just got 4 or 5 character it works great. All we need to do is give him Amanda Waller, maybe 4 overlooked criminals. That's all he needs.He doesn't need six or seven. Four or five and it's fine.

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