Top 5 Anime Squad Beatings

Every Anime/Manga has a squad whether that be a Pirate Crew like the Strawhats or a group of friends like the Yorozuya. Regardless in most action packed Shounen there is going to be a big fight where all hands are on deck and today I'm talking about 5,  may be the top 5 Squad Beatings in history.

One Piece: Luffy, Zoro, Chopper and Sanji vs Franky House
After Usopp was jumped by Franky Family and left for dead, the rest of the Crew returned from the city ready to seek revenge. Once they knew who it was, Sanji, Zoro, Luffy, and Chopper headed towards the Franky House. The walk was menacing with every the crew readying up in their own manner. Zoro wrapped his durag over his eyes, Sanji lit a cigarette, Luffy lowered his hat to cover his eyes and Chopper walked in Arm Point to the Franky House. Now the fight itself wasn't much because the Strawhats took on a gang of weaklings to but to see them get revenge on them, even destroying the entire house was amazing and heartwarming

Fairy Tail: Fairy Tail Guild vs Phantom Guild
Back when Fairy Tail was actually a great series, we got tons of great fights and even Squad Moments. When Gajeel attacks the Fairy Tail Guild when almost everyone is gone, he destroys the place and mutilates Levi's crew. Once the rest of the Guild finds out they ambush the Phantom Guild wrecking everyone in sight. Imagine 60+ people pulling up to another 60+ people's spot and pushing their shit back. That's exactly what happened and it was glorious. The panel in the manga was amazing to see the facial expressions of the FTG mad and colored with deep shades of black to convey anger. It made the moment so much more rewarding.

Gintama: Earth vs Harusame on Rakuyou
Gintama's second to last Arc "Decisive Battle on Rakuyou" is nothing but splendid work. You have the Earthlings; The Yorozuya, Kaientai, and Joui Faction, teaming up with Umibozu to take down Utsuro and the Harusame who are also fighting the Kiheitai. All these teams and factions come together on one dying planet to duke it out for good. All of the fights were amazing but my favorite may be between Katsura and Shokaku. They tore a city down trying to kill each other. Then you have Utsuro vs Umibozu vs Kamui which was the pinnacle of the arc. So much was lost in all of these fights including limbs and respect and even lives. To see all these factions fight and lose so much was weird yet so satisfactory because it was a war with casualties and victories.

Naruto: Sasuke Retrieval Team vs Sound 5
The most iconic of the list, the Sasuke Retrieval Arc and Team were great to watch as a kid. Shikamaru, Naruto, Choji, Neji and Kiba team up to bring Sasuke back home after he let with the Sound 4, which soon became 5, Ninjas to see Orochimaru. An unlikely pairing turned out to be one of the best teams in all of Anime History. Each member fighting a member of the Sound 5 with Rock Lee, Gaara and his siblings showing up to help later on was magnificent regardless of them failing to secure Sasuke. Neji and Choji became fan favorites during that arc. Most of us even shed tears seeing them die, even though Kishimoto retconned their deaths. What went from a simple "in and Out" mission became a small war over a person where tones of casualties were birthed.

Seven Deadly Sins: 10 Commandments vs Meliodas
Unlike the other entries on this list, this fight is reversed. We have the villains in the 10 Commandments facing our hero Meliodas. After that fake tournament set up by Gloxinia and Dolor ends in their defeat at the hands of Meilodas and Escanor, the rest of the Commandments show up to finish Meliodas off. Melascula heals Dolor and Gloxinia for them all to gang up on Meliodas. To see that was something different in Shounen manga. We don't always see the main characters ganged up like that and even killed. The entire moment can be described as "hype". Seeing Meliodas try his best to fight all of them, even using his demon powers and still losing, dying at the hands of them was an amazing sight to read. The hero falls not only to the villain but to all 9 of them in a valiant effort.

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