Ben-To Anime Review: Fight For Your Right To Eat

Ben-To is the 12 episode anime where people of all ages but primarily highschoolers fight over bento, boxed lunches. That sounds dumb as hell but its some of the funniest stuff I've ever watched. The premise itself is amazingly stupid but that's the point. The characters themselves are pretty fun to watch struggle to get to these lunches.

So, every night at convenience stores, before they close the Half Price Gods, clerks, come out and put half price stickers on the bento. Once they go back into the staff room, the Wolves fight to get the bento. The fighters are classified into to breads, Wolf, the strongest and Dogs, the weakest. Out young hero and main character is Satou who got murdered on his first night trying to buy a bento. When he woke up he had a memory of a person rocking his shit back. Later that day he would return to see what actually happens when the fighting starts.

The Ruler of the West, Ice Witch, takes him and his friend Ochiroi in as students and teaches them all about the hunting. From then on we see Satou carve his path in this war but he's not doing that well. He gets the nickname Pervert after one incident and it follows him forever. The actual fighting is amazing. Once things get started it also becomes very faced pace with people throwing punches and kicks like they were in a battle shounen. Regular people throwing hands in the name of Bento, and it happens every night across Japan.

The story is solid but its the action that takes the cake here. It also helps that the comedy is dead on. Every times I was supposed to laugh at something, I did. There are moments that hurt the series. Since the show is about fighting over Bento and it happens at night, if nothing funny is happening during the day, the anime sort of just drags on until its time to fight. Also some characters are really annoying. The charactere Shiraume is not only annoying but she's a rapist so some scenes are incredibly weird to watch. I even turned my volume down so no one around me would think I was watching hentai.

Overall, for a 12 episode anime it gets you entertained throughout and I highly recommend it if you want a good laugh. The animation is cool so that enhances the fights but the story does get a bit weird a times. Still, this is one anime you must see.

Ben-To Anime Review: Fight For Your Right To Eat Ben-To Anime Review: Fight For Your Right To Eat Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Monday, September 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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