Flame of Recca Volume 17 Review: Don't Get Pulled Up On

Chapters 158-167

So everyone goes back to their normal lives except for Tokiya. This man said "Fuck this slice of life shit, I'm tryna kill niggas now". But I did think it was funny because everyone goes back to living a normal life but Tokiya immediately goes in search of his former master. Meanwhile Koran is rebuilding his empire with Ura-Uruha. Why? Why is the name the same. Why couldn't he just name it something else? I don't remember what those names mean but no. This creator is so unoriginal at times. So with his new crew he has the mysterious new leader Rasen, Kirin, Gaoh, Mokuren, Kamui, and Sokakusai. No one really looks strong except for Rasen. He looks like he can wreck everyone like Kurei does later in the volume.  Everyone else just looks plain.

So Uruha decide to jump all the Hokage members and they failed except for Gaoh who almost kills Domon's weak ass. Tokiya even shows up to save Kaoru and his entourage. They really pulled up just to say high. Nothing important happened besides we know who's fighting who when the time comes. After they get jumped, Koku randomly pops out of Recca's arm at Kagero's house. I still don't understand how he can do that even though he said it's one of his special abilities. Also the pervert gimmick is boring because no one fights back. They just let him do it. Sexual harassment at its finest. But soon enough Joker pulls up and everyone just forgives him because Kaoru said its cool. I'm so sick of this easy cheesy I'll forgive you bullshit. Stop trusting every fucking body.

So after learning all about the Tendou Jigoku and finding where it is thanks to Joker. But instead of training first and then going, they decide to just hop right in like they didn't get jumped the day before. What can Domon do that's different from before. They might have gotten pulled up on but none of them got snaked. Domon is trash and can't hold his weight against anyone else. Everyone on Uruha is debatable but we know Rasen is raw as hell if he's the leader. No matter how strong Recca is, he may not be able to beat him. Why rush into a fight you know you can't win? Koku's pervy ass was actually right. If Joker really did leave them then it's over.

So we see Neon nursing Kurei back to health in an abandoned house before some fat fuck interrupts them. Kurei destroyed him. But before that he woke up hysterically saying he never wants to kill again but he did. He soon tore Neon's cheeks up. Put her right to sleep. During the fight with fat boy he realized he can never stop the fighting so he drops off Neon and goes to slaughter everyone at what seemed to be Mori's home. That Madogu user got it bad, but that's what happens when you talk during a fight. He was talking all that shit and got his chest ripped open. I thought this was a good volume though. We now know what's happening going forward as well as getting used to new characters. Kurei also got character development. Also, Kurei wrecking that second dude confirms that Recca should have never beat him as well as the author not knowing how to write fights. Anyway, do you think Neon was throwing that neck back? How long did Kurei last? That sex scene was pretty pointless as well.

Flame of Recca Volume 17 Review: Don't Get Pulled Up On Flame of Recca Volume 17 Review: Don't Get Pulled Up On Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Saturday, August 12, 2017 Rating: 5

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