Millic - Vida Album Review

Millic of Club Eskimo has released his first album under HIGHGRND with some amazing features from fellow Club Eskimo members and other guest. Now, if you don’t know, Millic is a producer so this is a Producer album. The album starts off with one of the pre release tracks “You’ which features the singer Ta-ku on a spacey yet clunky beat about always thinking about that special someone. There aren’t much to the lyrics but the beat alone is enough to grab you and hold you tight. Taku’s crooning helps to create an ethereal mood that makes you fall in love with the song. “You” was a great song to start the album off on a good path.

Something follows featuring the singer Julius on another spacey beat but unlike “You”, Julius is the main attraction with the beat coming second. Just some simple hihats to start the song before the synths come in. The piano towards the end is a nice touch to send off the song on a high note. Nothing much to the lyrics again but the mood is definitely set now.

Rejjie Snow blesses us with some deep voiced yet tight rapping on the song “I’m Good”. I love the bars about sex he was spitting here like “I'm on Instagram looking at the world/Levitate & mediate, the pussy gone soul/She gave me life & her likes went/Well all that slop that top for real”. Off rip you know he’s talking about sex but the fact that it's not blunt but creative, makes the song a lot more non cliche. I will say that the song is way too damn short. I wish there was at least two more small verses here to fill out a 3 minute song. I love the song but way too short.

On the song “Can’t Wait” features female singer ((O)) (I don’t know what this means. I don’t know if it’s a name or what?) Her singing is the center stage here while her rhyming isn’t anything out of this world, quite simple at that, it has some nice words sprinkled in that makes this song pop. Next we have “Vidaholllwood #250”  which is just a beat with no features here. I do wish there were more songs like this to offset all of the tracks with features, lets hear some beats stand on their own like this one. It's a favorite from the album that I see myself vibing to often, even in the car.

Millic is joined by his Club Eskimo members; Dean, Crush, Miso and Punchnello to create a very experimental yet fun track on “Igloo”. Miso starts the song singing of a relationships but then halfway through Dean’s verse, the beat speeds even more. Dean’s verse is really good but then we have a beat switch during that verse. The beat continues when Crush and Punchnello hop on. The beat switch was unexpected and weird but it grew on me over time.Everyone here killed their parts creating a really good song.  Next we have Treasure Island with singer Han graces us with his lovely voice on the song but nothing was too vibrant as we head into the next track.

On “Paradise”, Once again Millic enlists the help of a hiphop collective, but this time in the form of FXNCY CHILD; Zico, Dean, Crush and Penomeco. Once the songs comes on you’re instantly warped into the beat that is a fusion of hiphop and electronic marriage. I found the beat perfect for each of the performers as no one loses their touch or style here. They blended well together which has me even more excited for the collective's future, hopefully Millic is their to produce for them as well. Overall I thought the song was pure ecstasy. While listening to the song I imagined myself on a cloud eating grapes and that’s always a great visual. My point is the song is solid and the overall mood created worked well.

The final song is “문 (Door)” sung by Jang Pil Soon who sounds like he’s whispering on the track, but that’s cool. The way he sings fits the beat even though it may be a tad bit annoying at first, you kind of grow to like it. Now as I was listening to the song, it felt short even though it clocked in around 3 minutes. Besides the beat being pretty sensual, there wasn’t much here we didn’t get on the rest of the album. I thought it was a decent song but nothing to crazy over. I do see why it was chosen to end the album because it's laid back compared to “Paradise” and it continues the more “chill” theme but I would have pushed the track up and had Paradise finish the album. Overall I thought the album was pretty stellar. I enjoy all of the songs and the theme of the album is pretty damn good. It also has tons of replay ability. I rate this a 7/10

Millic - Vida Album Review Millic - Vida Album Review Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Monday, July 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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