Black Women Don't Like Male Blerds: A Myth and Why You Should Get Your Life Together

"Black women don't like black male nerds."

"Black women nerds don't like black male nerds because they only like white men."

Do you know how many times I have to hear those statements? It's one of the most annoying things that I have to deal with on the regular basis. I'll be talking to another black guy who's a nerd and we'll be talking about how (redacted) is fun to chat with and then all of a sudden here it comes "you know black women don't like black nerds." Then I usually just end the conversation because I'll say that isn't true and they'll pick one random tweet to from a random person to prove their point.

But, have you ever stopped to think black women don't like you? I mean, black women love me, so it's gotta be a personal problem for you. I know a lot of black nerds dating or married to black women, so why are black women not attracted to you? It's clearly you and it's time you realize it. I'm also not sure why the focus is on black women when these guys who generally get no attention from any women beyond women simply looking for any guy to make their dad angry or the only guy who will discuss slice of life anime with her.

I think a good starting point would be how some guys are just plain weird. You know I'm a big fan of letting your freak flag fly and doing whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. I'm not a fan of asking random women to send you pictures of their feet or whatever fetish you have. Dick pics, slong snaps, penis portraits, dingaling drawings, please just stop sending women pictures of your genitals that they didn't ask for because it's weird and the number one way to get rejected. It'll also get pictures of your strange penis posted on my timeline and I don't need that in my life. Don't start a conversation by asking questions like their favorite sexual positions, porn stars, how she's got a nice ass or great breast etc. Essentially, do not begin a conversation by talking about sex because it's creepy when you greet someone with "nice tits, bet I can guess your bra size." These are just my observations. There's a difference between pulling up from half court to shoot your shot and driving past the stadium throwing the ball and hoping for the best. You guys never stop to think about how you creep women out. Again, not sure why you focus your hate on black women when it's all women you scare with these actions.

The worst thing I see all the time is when it comes to black women who are also nerds. Please stop trying to give pop quizzes. "Oh, you like Wonder Woman? In what year did she lose her powers and what fast food restaurant was she employed at?" I get it, there's women who fake the funk and pretend to be nerds because that's what is popular right now. But, there are guys who do it too and nobody questions them. A black woman says she wants a black Wonder Woman and you go H.A.M. that means hard as motherfucker, about why she's a fake nerd for not knowing the obscure character of Nubia exists. But, a man can make a thread of 40 tweets telling you about how the X-Men are diverse and nobody stops to tell him the X-Men are mostly straight white guys and all mutants aren't X-Men like he seems to think. When that happens you go H.A.M. but this time it means home and masturbate.

I'm not usually the guy to lean on the sex factor, but that's what I think it is. A lot of these guys aren't having any sex and refuse to believe it's something wrong with them. Instead they blame all women for this instead of looking into themselves and asking questions. Then they lash out at black women because a black girl broke their hearts back in 9th grade. It's okay, let that hurt go and examine yourself.

Most of the black guys claiming women don't like black nerds have really horrible personalities. A lot of you are really boring, and have nothing to talk about beyond anime, comics, video games or whatever. Do you like sports or movies? What kind of life transitions are you making? Do you have a hobby? What about a dream? What do you read? A lot of these guys don't have any answers to those questions. You're just really boring. The other option is some of you are way too abrasive. Not just to women, but people in general and nobody likes you. "I respect everyone's opinion and welcome discussion," but often the guy saying that will end up daring you to come to New York so he can stomp you out because you like X-Men movies. Maybe they'll throw a fit and just send so many tweets you can't reply and then go on about how they gave you a verbal smackdown.

See the problem is way too many people have fallen victim to the alpha male, red pill mindset that places like Reddit have told you was cool. The issue with that is it doesn't work. I'm not going to bow down and treat you like an alpha male in a pack of wolves because you yell really loud and act aggressively. I'm going to avoid you completely, because you're annoying, and I don't want really want to fight people or go to jail. I beg of you, kind alpha male, please stop getting dating tips from Reddit and YouTube videos that blur the lines of paid actors and sexual assaults.

Then there's the issue of blaming other guys for why women don't like you. No, it's not guys out here crawling at the feet of women or being fake feminist. You are the problem. There's a difference between simping and treating women with basic respect that all humans should expect. Refusing to call women bitches and hoes is not simping, it's just common decency. Please stop calling them queens because like 50% of the time that's code for bitch. "I can't believe you would do this queen," "It's a shame these queens would act like this." You not a blerd, you are a herd, that is a hotep nerd.

This is just a thought from a guy who mostly wears jeans and plain t-shirts, your clothes can also be an issue. Black women are not rejecting you because you don't dress like a rapper. They're probably rejecting because you haven't bought clothes that fit since freshman year of high school, you dress like an anime character all day every day, you dress like Kanye West but you're not Kanye West, all of your shirts have statements like "free mustache rides," or you're 25 and dress like your mother still picks your clothes. Maybe you can shave a little, get a nice haircut. Some of you just look like you smell bad. It's not because you aren't dressing like A$ap Rocky, it's because you have a poor appearance. I'm not even calling you ugly, because I'm not the best looking guy, I'm just saying put a little effort in.

It's not the SJWs, it's not that black women don't like black nerds, it's not that black women only like white guys. The problem is who you face in the mirror. You are weird arrogant, rude, contradicting, irritating, disgusting, disrespectful, trifling and so on. Most likely a combination of them all. Don't blame black women because you have some personal issues to work on. Stop telling me how black women don't like you because you're a nerd. Sure 1/100 black women will fall into one of those categories. But, every single black woman? What about all the non black women who won't give you the time of day either? Don't start telling me black women don't like black nerds because that's not true, that's not my life, that's yours. If you ask nicely, I'll sit down and write you a personalized list as to why black women, or any women, do not like you and why you need to get your shit together. Seriously, stop telling me black women don't like black nerds because I'm sick and tired of hearing it. Black women aren't boycotting you, you're just lame. I wrote this so I can send it as a response, every time someone mentions it to me. So please, stop mentioning it to me.

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  1. I let people know that I'm a nerd from the start but I that's not all I do or talk about. Niggas just mad lame as hell

  2. Let that shit breathe

  3. This whole article calls for mass executions and purges.

  4. I'm a black woman, and i approve and condone this article

  5. As a European-American guy, I can vouch that we have our own version of this trope. Plenty of "nerdy" white dudes whine that "women don't like nice guys". In fact, that's the very origin of the phrase "Nice Guy". Whether they're white or black, they always come across as salty misogynists with no sense of personal responsibility.


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