Would You Recommend Naruto in its Entirety?

Trying to get people into anime is a hard or sometimes easy thing. There are tons of anime that are great for popping people's "Anime Cherry". But there is one anime that I think is one of the best for doing so, but some people try to avoid it in its entirety. I think Naruto, including the second have, which in the anime is called Shippuden, would also be included in the discussion,

Naruto had started off strong with its first half. It had crazy amazing fights such as Rock Lee vs Gaara. All of the characters were great and it was hard trying to choose one but most settled on Naruto like myself or Sasuke. not only that but the story was always captivating plus some amazing villains like Orochimaru and Zabuza. Long story short, this anime deserved all of the hype it garnered plus some.

The second half of Naruto is a 2 year time skip. Naruto and the rest of his friends are 16 and Naruto is searching for Sasuke. The plot has way more too it and tries to tie up loose ends that were started in part 1 but most of the story fell apart and towards the end of the series you could tell the author didn't know what to do.  Shippudden had a ton of let downs and stupid moments but I can't call this series trash or tell someone to stop watching/reading Naruto after the first half.

The second half of Naruto still had great moments. All of the fights were dope including Sakura's fight vs Sasori. that fight was good and it had story telling. The entire Pain Arc was amazing. The 5 Summit Kage Arc was great as well. Even the start of the last arc, The 4th Great Ninja War was also good. There were even part throughout that arc that were good as well. Yes, the second half of Naruto was not cohesively great as the first but the content overall was good.

So what I'm trying to say here is, yes, I would still recommend Naruto in its entirety to a new or even anime fan who just never saw or finished the series. I still think Naruto is a great series. It moved the Anime culture forward a long with other series. Hell yes I'm recommending it to someone.

Would You Recommend Naruto in its Entirety? Would You Recommend Naruto in its Entirety? Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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