Black Superhero: Bloodwynd

Freddy Widmere is like most black Americans. He's a descendant of slaves from Africa. His ancestors were owned by a man named Jacob Whitney. Slave owners were cruel, inhuman and violent by nature but Whitney was the worst of them all. He led his slaves to do something no other slaves had done before. The slaves performed a dark magic ritual to create The Blood Gem. The gem would give an incredible amount of power to whoever wore the gem. They killed Whitney and passed the gem down from generation to generation.

Freddy was one of the people who received this gem and planned to use it for good. He became the hero known as Bloodwynd. What Freddy didn't know is that the gem possessed the spirit of Jacob Whitney, now calling itself Rott and more evil than ever. Rott tricked Freddy and trapped his soul inside of the gem. Freddy would call out for help and Martian Manhunter heard the calls psychically wile on break from heroics. He still couldn't resit and followed the screams to a place where he only found the jewel. 

Rott managed to take control of Martian Manhunter's mind and shape shifting but nothing else. He forced Martian Manhunter to fuse with the gem and take the form of Bloodwynd. This led to Martian Manhunter living under the alias of Bloodwynd for a lengthy period of time. Further proving my point that Martian Manhunter can always come to the cookout and sit at the table.

From this point Martian Manhunter joins the Justice League of America unknowingly being some part of Rott's plan to frame Bloodwynd. For a while he participated in heroics gaining the trust of those around him waiting for the right moment to strike but plans rarely go as they're created. 

Soon Doomsday would attack and some things became clear. When Bloodwynd was surrounded by fire Martian Manhunter's memories began to surface, breaking the psychic link. He flew away from fight to gather his thoughts but not before Superman and Blue Beetle realized what was going on. He returned to the fight and helped evacuate civilians while remaining in the Bloodwynd disguise.

After it was over the JLA joined Martian Manhunter in entering the gem and fighting Rott. After Rott's defeat the real Bloodwynd was allowed to stay and become a member of the JLA himself. However, he soon placed himself on reserves after tension began growing. This was because Blooodwynd refused to fight certain opponents. For example he wouldn't fight Dreamslayer because he felt they were connected somehow. He also refused to fight Overmaster because he felt that Overmaster was carrying out the natural course of nature.

The next time we see Bloodwynd he's still fighting crime. Now focusing on those selling drugs in his patrol areas. He wouldn't turn them over to the police or kill them. Instead he'd force them to feel the torture that the people they sold drugs to would feel. He eventually rejoins the league to help fight Amazo but the league disbanded during that fight so it was short lived.

During Day of Judgement he's joined The Sentinels of Magic and helped to vanquish hundreds of demons. Yet, he's injured when a demon mob known as The Diablos starts individually targeting each member. After this he went into semi-retirement only putting on the cape when he feels truly needed. He's known to frequent the Oblivion Bar and has made a few cameos when it appears.

Powers and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Invisibility
  • Illusions
  • Necromancy
  • Teleportation
  • Eye blasts
  • Death Sense - Can sense when, where and how a death occurred
  • Sentence Stare - Forces a person to feel pain of their victims
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