Gwen Stacy is Trash

Gwen Stacy was the high school girlfriend of Peter Parker. She died from having her spine snapped when he attempted to save her from the Green Goblin. Recently she's come back to the spotlight with new characters like Spider-Gwen and Gwenpool making a rise in world. Well, I'm here to break it to you, Gwen Stacy is trash, always has been, always will be.

1. She lost her man to Mary Jane

2. She loves Peter, but actually hates Spider-Man

3. She blames Spider-Man for her father's death, but it wasn't his fault

4. When she found out Peter was Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe, she tried to shoot him

5. Gwen Stacy wasn't relevant as a character for 40 years because she was dead

6. She only dated Peter for one story, other than that she was just a forgotten background character that only had a name.

7. Spider-Gwen is a pedophile

8. Most of her fans aren't the young girls her recent comics are aimed at. It's usually creepy old guys who use to man handle themselves to her images back in 1965 as shown by all the fan art

9. Her costume is the only cool thing about Spidergwen but she still wants to be Miguel

10. Gwenpool is a thing

11. She had sex with Norman Osborn. I'm not shaming her or anything, but if you were going to sleep with a super villain at least choose someone who doesn't kill women and children like Dr. Doom or Magneto.

12. All of the Spidergwen stories end up being alternate versions of early Peter Parker stories

14. You actually have to know the backstory of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy to understand the first several issues of Spidergwen. Once again, making sure her readers aren't the young girls they're aiming the series at, but old guys who thinks she's really hot. Because 9 year old Cathy isn't going to dig up comics from 1965,

15. Gwenpool's costume was designed just to give those same dudes something to stare at

16. Spidergwen and Gwenpool just set the example of giving Gwen Stacy comics based on other heroes. Gwencredible Hulk, X-Gwen, and the Gwenvengers are going to be great.

17. Gwen Stacy can't carry her own comic and is living off the name of other heroes because she's just a background character, but we gotta wonder if Susan Storm is even alive.

18. Gwenpool comes from our earth and travels to the world of comics, that's Superboy Prime

19. Gwenpool's name isn't even Gwen. She just named herself after Gwen to prevent being killed off

20. What's Gwen's favorite cereal? Rice Crispies because Snap, Crackle, and Pop is what her spine did.

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