10 Reasons Spider-Man Homecoming is a Miles Morales Movie

I couldn't wait to check out that new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer just like everyone else. However, I couldn't help but notice something strange. For a Peter Parker movie, this seemed a lot like a Miles Morales story. Then I dawned on me, they just took Mile's story and adapted it to Peter. So I present to you ten reasons Spider-Man Homecoming is really Miles Morales' movie.

1. Peter now goes to a high school for advanced learners: This is Mile's thing. His mom went through a lot to win that raffle ticket to get him into this school. Peter went to high school, but it was just a normal high school.

2. Ned Lees is now Ganke: Ned Leeds is a white guy who worked with Peter at the Daily Bugle, they were never friends. In fact, he hated Peter because Peter was interested in the same woman as he was. Ned becomes the Hobogoblin later so what are we doing here?

3. Tony Stark is Peter's mentor: Some people might try to bring up they had crossovers before and that's true. But, they don't really like each other because Tony is upset Peter won't make more money from being a hero and Peter doesn't like Tony because he feels Tony is a hero for the attention. Even during Civil War when Peter sided with Tony and took the nice new suit he switched sides on him and ditched the suit. Even now they're feuding over MJ. Tony was however one of Miles' mentors in the ultimate universe and even now in 616.

4. Peter now enjoys watching himself on the internet: Again, this is a Mile's Morales trait. Peter never liked the attention and didn't watch his video back unless he needed a clue or some photos. Miles always watches his stuff and even fan reactions to it. This isn't the definitive Peter Parker people wanted, it's white Miles Morales.

5. Ganke knows Spider-Man's identity: Peter didn't tell anyone his identity. Again, this is a Miles thing. Peter wanted to keep his secret a secret from everybody. Miles told Peter's friends and family. He told his friends and family. Told his girlfriend who turned out to be HYDRA and still told other people afterwards.

6. Peter receives suit from Tony who is working with SHIELD: Miles got his suit from SHIELD who was working alongside Tony Stark and The Ultimates at the time. Now Miles gets his suit from Tony Stark who just happens to be part of SHIELD in the MCU. C'mon man.

7. Ganke has an incredible Lego hobby: The man likes Lego. You don't have to add an "s" because Lego is already plural. The point is they're ripping Ganke straight out of Miles' world and throwing him in Peter's, not just with looks either.

8. Peter is now roommates with Ganke: Where's Judge? I enjoyed him not dealing with Miles and Ganke's shit. Peter's high school now has on campus housing because that happened to Peter not Miles. Does Peter go home to visit his family on the weekends now? How are Peter's grades? Will Harry Osborn be playing the role of Judge now, high top fade and all?

9. Vulture's wings: Sure, Miles' took on Prowler first not Vulture. You got me there. But, Prowler was using a set of wings made for Vulture that he happened to just steal. The ones in the trailer look a lot more like those than the ones traditional Vulture uses. Also it's sick to see Batman become a villain, but let's be real, Keaton's Batman was a damn villain.

10. The Shocker: He's going to be a minor villain here. Do you know where else he was a minor villain? That's right in Miles' Morales first major story arc. C'mon man. If Shocker turns out to be trying to take over the mob I won't even be shocked.

Now feel free to watch a trailer knowing I've ruined it for you. You're welcome. You didn't want another High School Peter Parker movie again anyway. If you're reading this you were probably in middle school or high school when they started and now you're out.

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10 Reasons Spider-Man Homecoming is a Miles Morales Movie 10 Reasons Spider-Man Homecoming is a Miles Morales Movie Reviewed by Darrell S. on Friday, December 09, 2016 Rating: 5


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    1. I'd say like 8 but I'll take that perfect 10/10. Thanks

  2. ..yep, pretty much....not sure what direction they're going in but if think they're sticking to the script (meaning the comic script) you can forget that


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