Rock Lee and The Drunken Fist

Every now and then a manga or anime will have one of those moments that's just so awesome you can't help but share your excitement. The Naruto manga did a good job of creating these moments for almost every character. I say almost because I don't think Ten Ten ever did anything that was just shocking.

One of those moments is Rock Lee's drunken fist. This had to be one of my favorite moments from the first half of the series. Rock Lee had just recovered from one of the worst the worst beating in the first half of the series. He was told he'd never fight again. He kept trying to push himself back into fighting shape through all the injuries even though everyone knew he couldn't do it. Not because he didn't have the ability but because his body had quit on him. Then he went through a surgery that didn't guarantee he'd fight again but had a high risk of killing him.

He made it through the surgery but still wasn't ready to go on the mission with the rest of the team. Instead of joining on the mission, Lee is left behind to take his medicine and recover. Lee wasn't fully recovered but he couldn't just sit around. Meanwhile the team is in trouble while fighting against Kimimaro.

Lee shows up just in time. He promises to fight Kimimaro but first he has to take his medicine. Usually someone would just punch him in the throat because we don't have time to pause for medicine breaks, but Kimimaro spending most of his life being sick allows it. Big mistake.

Lee had accidentally took Sake with him instead of medicine. Lee downs the entire bottle in seconds and gets wasted. That's when one of the coolest fights in the series takes place. Cold blooded killer Kimimaro is thrown for a loop by a drunken Rock Lee.

On the surface it looked like Lee was being silly and just avoiding attacks by luck. But, there was so much underneath the surface. In one scene they showed Lee avoiding deflecting attacks with his hands while simultaneously kicking with his feet. Kimimaro was thoroughly confused at how he Rock Lee was staying on par with him.

The reason I like this moment so much is because it shows Lee's character. Lee only knows Taijutsu but still wants to be a ninja. He's injured but wants to keep fighting. Rock Lee is just one determined kid. The background to this fight showed that. Then the fight itself saw Lee pull out moves that were out of the ordinary for the thus far serious Lee (Except when Sakura was around). It's a cool fight and definitely one of my favorite moments in Naruto.

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