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17 Minutes of History to Entertain Your Brain Cells

A compilation of all the entertainment related shorts released in 2023, because my folks who watch long form don't watch shorts, but they're missing such good stuff. We got Milestone Comics, Reading Rainbow, Ghetto Reality, a lot of music and even Uncle Luke vs The Supreme Court


Why does Black History have to be black and white phots from The Civil Rights movement? We know there were color photos! Why is it only one month a year no matter which country you're in? Black History, is world history and there is A LOT we weren't taught in school. What about folklore and mythology? We're forced to learn about Zeus and Hera but we never learn anything from Africa. Sit up straight, listen up as we take a journey through the diaspora. We're going Black to future. How Black? Ultra Black


Darrell S.

Hey, I write stuff, a lot of different stuff, that's all.

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Ultra Black History