Thank You Bianca Belair

First of all, I would like to personally thank Bianca Belair for taking the culture with you on your historic and legendary singles black world title run because as a black guy who’s been a wrestling fan for 25 years as of this year, I have seen many singles black champions, some had good world title reigns like Rock and Bobby Lashley and others like Sasha, Alicia, Naomi, Kofi, and even Big E were only used as transitional champions to put caucasoid wrestlers over, but with all due respect to those black wrestlers, none of those black wrestlers that I mentioned had ever had a truly dominant singles black world title reign that you did Bianca.

Bianca, I remember many in the Black Wrestling Community including myself were absolutely enraged and rightfully outraged that your momentum that was built up from The 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble and having that great historic main event match with Sasha at WM37 Night 1 was completely buried by WWE for the sole purpose of putting one of their Golden Karens over in Becky Lynch. That 26 second squash at SummerSlam that year left a very bitter taste in our mouths because of the PTSD that we still had from 2 years earlier when Kofi’s historic run was buried in a 7 second squash to Brock Lesnar on the very first episode of Smackdown on Fox in October 2019. 

Bianca, we in The Black Wrestling Community wanted to see Becky Lynch (one of the most decorated women’s wrestlers of the modern era of U.S. women’s wrestling), but when you was in chase mode in your quest to exact revenge for the humiliating loss at SummerSlam, you was still having killer matches with the likes of Sasha and Becky, but you also had a very good main event match against Charlotte on Raw in which I am still mad about the finish of that match to this day. Fast forward to Survivor Series that year, even though the match outside of Bianca and Sasha stuff was forgettable, but you did something that no other superstar had ever done in a Survivor Series elimination match before: comeback from a 4-1 deficit to win The Survivor Series Elimination match for your team which was absolutely amazing. 

Fast Forward to Elimination Chamber 2022 where you are The Last Woman Standing and now you’re definitely going to finally get your revenge on the person that gave you the most humiliating loss of your entire wrestling career in Becky Lynch at WM38. Your match with Becky Lynch at WM38 Night 1 is one of the biggest, but most anticipated match of your career and We get to the match and the crowd in Dallas, Texas is absolutely red hot for this match. 

Excerpt from my post dated 4/2/2022 - “I just watched Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch at WM38 Night 1 and that match was My Main Event and the match was absolutely 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. The chemistry, emotion, psychology, selling, and storytelling from both of these women was absolutely phenomenal. Bianca showcasing her superior athleticism, strength, and power shows why she’s really The BEST at what she does and the storytelling and character work from Becky was absolutely phenomenal. The sequences and bear falls were absolutely crazy. This match was way better than Baker/Rosa III and IV. Not only my favorite match of WrestleMania 38 weekend, but easily my favorite women’s wrestling match of 2022.”

After that all-time classic banger that you and Becky had at WM38 Night 1 last year, you embarked on the best and most dominant singles world title run of any black wrestler let alone black woman in major American wrestling history because you accomplished so much during your historic and legendary singles world title run such as:

Best singles black world title run in major American wrestling history 

Best singles women’s world title run of any in modern era of major main roster American wrestling 

Longest reigning Raw Women’s Champion Ever

Had more memorable matches (Asuka, Bayley, Becky, and Iyo) as champion than any other woman in modern day main roster major American wrestling 

The Conclusion - I give Bianca Belair’s historic legendary singles black world title run a 9 out of 10 not only because she had killer matches with the likes of Asuka, Bayley, Becky, and Iyo, but she was The Woman Of WWE for over a year and she did the mainstream media appearances on Wild N’ Out, College GameDay, and Today. She carried the entire culture on her back and she made me genuinely proud as a black wrestling fan 

Thank You Bianca Belair

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