4 things WWE2K23 Needs

It's that time of year again. Another annual wrestling game from WWE. It's time for an airing of grievances and listing demands that will fall on deaf ears. WWE 2K22 was a good start. Some new foundations were laid and a new path forward was forged. Still, there's some issues that need to be addressed. Here's 4 thins that WWE 2K23 needs.

1. Universe Mode 

I play this mode more than any other mode. The disrespect shown to Universe Mode players in the last release is hall of fame worthy. Ruined the rivalries, cut scenes didn't play correctly. Match table was all messed up. 30% chance created superstars would crash the game. We need tournaments and drafts. Rumbles that aren't tied to the Royal Rumble arena. Can we have more than 1 Money in The Bank briefcase without corrupting every Universe Save?

2. GM Mode

Honestly, I'm not a fan. But if you're including the mode it needs to be unlimited seasons. You need access to a full set of Championships. There aren't any trades between brands. The mode was bare bones and compared to what was in prior games it was just disappointing.

3. My Faction Characters

It takes a sick individual to include character models in the game and lock them behind a pay wall. I paid for the game already and now you want me to pay for additional character skins? Actually, I don't mind paying for additional skins. It's the fact they can only be used in a single mode that irritates me.

4. 200 Created Superstar Slots

I'm not saying we need a Fire Pro number of slots but 100 is not enough, it hasn't been for years. The fans have been complaining for a long time. It's worse when you consider we're using spaces as alternate attires for wrestlers in the game. Using slots for wrestler models that are only in MyFaction. Superstar Threads didn't make us do this. 

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