Jade Cargill Is Well On Her Way To Becoming Professional Wrestling’s First Female Transcending Star In Years

I have made it no secret on social media about how much I love Jade Cargill and despite my numerous personal issues with AEW like their heavy misuse of black talent and their arrogant egotistical big mouthed boss. But Jade Cargill to me towers not over most small white guys like Adam Cole on the AEW roster, but also most white women on that roster and would beat the shit out of those women on the roster including Britt Baker in a real fight because Southern black women like Jade Cargill are the toughest. 

Despite the IWC’s racially condescending attitude towards them, but 2021 was definitely the best year for black women ever in the world of professional wrestling because we saw numerous historic moments take place such as Bianca/Sasha main eventing WM37 Night 1, Kiera/Tasha being Knockouts Tag Champions, Adora/Lynn had the first ever 30 minute Iron Woman match between two black women. 

And then there was another black woman who also made history as well by becoming The Inagural TBS Champion and her name ladies and gentlemen is Jade Cargill and she’s been on an absolute tear ever since she debuted on Dynamite during March 3rd of 2021.

When I think of Jade and as she said herself on the recent episode of the very popular Grapsody podcast (which is my personal favorite wrestling podcast) that “she’s just as green as money” and it got outright laughs from the hosts and myself. When you see Jade either on TV or doing out of character shoot interviews with wrestling writers or podcasters such as Grapsody, she acts, walks, and talks like a star. You can tell that she truly cares about getting better and better in the ring as she said in another recent out of character shoot interview that one of the main reasons why she loves to wrestle isn’t for the money (like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are notoriously known for), but instead because of her passion and determination to succeed in an industry that’s been historically anti-black especially anti-black women. Hell even current AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker and her arch-nemesis Thunder Rosa have also praised Jade Cargill in recent out-of-character shoot interviews. 

Jade Cargill’s undefeated streak has even been compared to some wrestling fans, podcasters, and legendary wrestlers themselves to Goldberg’s legendary streak that he had during the peak of his career during the heyday of WCW in the late 1990s and this is coming from someone who used to be a huge Goldberg mark during my teenage years of watching WCW.

I noticed that there are similarities to Goldberg’s legendary streak and the modern day streak of Jade Cargill: Both have had their best matches during their streaks: Goldberg vs DDP at Halloween Havoc 1998 and Jade Cargill vs Anna Jay on Rampage

Both Goldberg and Jade come from athletic backgrounds and had absolutely 0 experience in professional wrestling prior to entering the squared circle and both of them had to learn on the fly as they were wrestling on national television every week and that’s where the similarities between the two end.

Unlike Goldberg, Jade Cargill grew up watching professional wrestling during it’s peak in the late 1990s and idolized not only The Legendary Chyna, but also two legendary strong black female wrestlers who were known for kicking ass and taking names in Jacqueline and Jazz. And unlike Goldberg, Jade is more willing to learn the basics and fundamentals of professional wrestling and is currently training under Two well known legendary professional wrestlers at The Nightmare Factory in Georgia: Dustin Rhodes and Bryan Danielson.

And just like AEW’s Golden Karen Britt Baker eclipsed Shida two years ago, but now two years later Britt has been eclipsed by Jade Cargill in popularity. Jade looks, acts, walks, and talks like a star that continues to get better and progress in the ring while Britt continues to regress as seen with her recent match with her archrival Thunder Rosa at Revolution 3 in which I called the worst women’s match of 2022 so far. 

The Conclusion - Jade Cargill has the look, athleticism, potential, swag, charisma, and the makings to become wrestling’s first female transcending star in years. Sky’s The Limit For Jade Cargill.

By Kwame Shakir

Jade Cargill Is Well On Her Way To Becoming Professional Wrestling’s First Female Transcending Star In Years Jade Cargill Is Well On Her Way To Becoming Professional Wrestling’s First Female Transcending Star In Years Reviewed by Blerds Online on Friday, December 23, 2022 Rating: 5

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  1. Jade Cargill is someone I enjoy watching as I just love a lot about her while I think her in-ring skills are getting better. I hope there is more to come as well as that eventual moment where that streak is going to end as I think Kris Statlander (if she gets better and cleared) will take but if not. The possibilities are endless as someone at Solomonster's live chat suggested Willow Nightingale as I could go for that once Willow gets some wins and good matches lined-up.


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