Black Wrestlers Matter 2 AND Black Girl Magik Changing The Landscape Of Modern Day Wrestling

This month is looking like more and more like the biggest month for black wrestling ever. About two months ago we witnessed The Greatest Night in Black Wrestling History in WrestleMania 37 Night 1 where we saw Bobby Lashley make history by becoming the very first ever black man unlike The Rock to walk into WrestleMania and walk out of WrestleMania as WWE champion, but he’s the second black wrestler to have ever done that feat with The Legendary Jazz being the first to do so nearly 20 years ago.

Also at WrestleMania 37 Night 1, we also witnessed history again by seeing two black women in Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks squaring off in the main event of Night 1 and despite the deliberately atrocious build towards the match by WWE main roster creative team who only writes for An Audience Of One, the match itself was absolutely fire because it was one of the rare matchups where we see the power, strength, and agility of Bianca Belair vs the intellectual technical prowess of one of the best women’s wrestlers on the planet today in Sasha Banks. This match will go down in my book as The Greatest Women’s Wrestling Match In WrestleMania history.  

Fast forward to June and there are two huge black wrestling events that are scheduled for this upcoming month are determined to continue to change the landscape of modern day wrestling and they are Black Wrestlers Matter 2 & Black Girl Magik.

Black Wrestlers Matter 2 will take place on Juneteenth aka June the 19th in Des Moines, Iowa and the card is jam packed with 10 matches on the card ranging from singles matches with SK Bishop vs Tre Lamar, Suge D vs Kenny Alfonso, Willow Nightingale vs Joseline Navarro to Tag Team matches like The Culture vs Culture Inc. vs Technical Difficulties and Death Threat Army vs The Lost Boys to intergender Wrestling matches like Mazzerati & Estrella vs No Role Modelz & Jackson vs Brooke Valentine vs Devon Monroe vs Mike Outlaw in a Fatal 4 Way Match To determine the #1 contender to The Inaugural BWM Championship. The match that I look forward to the most is “Frontman” Jah-C vs JDX for The Inaugural Black Wrestlers Matter Championship at Black Wrestlers Matter 2 because when I saw Jah-C take on Air Wolf at the beginning and JDX take on ACH in the main event of BWM 1 last year, those two men absolutely killed it in their matches especially Jah-C with his phenomenal charisma on the mic when he cut a fire promo before his match against Air Wolf at BWM 1 last year and JDX had a fire main event against ACH. I look forward to BWM 2 being significantly much better than BWM 1 last year because of the fact there will be more fans and every match will definitely range from good to possibly fire. Black Wrestlers Matter is a black owned indie promotion that was started by veteran black wrestler Jon West in 2015 and it finally took off with its first show during the peak of The Pandemic Era in August 2020.

Also this month, a brand new indie wrestling event that will take place on June 26th of this month called Black Girl Magik in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. Black Girl Magik is a new indie wrestling promotion that’s owned by a black woman named Aloha Taye and it’s goal is to give bigger opportunities and a bigger spotlight on mainly black female wrestlers that have felt are very underappreciated and disrespected by some white male indie promoters across the country. There are several matches that have already been announced for this historic event that will showcase the best black female wrestling talent of today plus a legend: Jordan Blade vs Janai Kai, Brooke Valentine vs Willow Nightingale, Lucious Latasha vs Karen Bam Bam vs Joseline Navarro, & the main event where The Legendary Jazz faces another Trish, but her name is the current Pan-African World Diaspora World Champion Trish Adora.

The Conclusion - Seeing more black owned indie shows that caters to all types of black people and black wrestling fans is always a positive step in the right direction that will definitely help change the landscape of modern day wrestling.

By Kwame Shakir

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