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The Marvel universe has never dived into race related talks until Falcon and the Winter Soldier. When this show was initially released I believed it would be a typical MCU beat em' up type show with no deeper layers. But as the show continued through the storyline and we learned about Isaiah Bradley, I wrote in my previous breakdown (Here) about how we are in unchartered waters in the MCU canon. 

After the final scene of episode 5, we saw John Walker kill one of the flag smashers. The episode picks up from that scene as John Walker goes through a series of emotions and you see how the serum is slowly bringing out the evils within. We get a throwback scene involving a two versus one fight similar to the ending of Civil War. The theme of this scene adds to dire situation involving John Walker, Sam, and Bucky. The camera continues to focus on the shield covered in blood as the trio fights and struggle.

Bucky and Sam finally restrain John Walker and take the shield away. Bucky gets his chance of holding the shield but drops it for Sam signaling that Sam is the true heir to Captain America. This is where the show gets real, with Sam bringing the shield back to Baltimore. The conservation that was ahead of Sam clearly wasn't what he expected when he initially brought the shield to Isaiah. We go deeper into Isaiah's backstory and find out the horror's that the US government committed. Isaiah states that he had his story wiped away in favor of Steve Rogers and was pronounced dead to cover up the atrocities. 

Isaiah's final words to Sam rang powerful as he said, "No self respecting black man would ever want to be Captain America and carry that shield." A lot of the MCU storyline veers away from social topics and avoid the predominantly white face superhero topic. To see the writers of FATWS go in depth about the truth of black heroes being wiped away in favor of white faces is gratifying. I hope this isn't the last time the MCU decides to touch on real topics at hand.

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