Exclusive Interview With Kaci Dillon

Kaci Dillon is a woman who is from Gasden, Alabama who runs a new all-women’s wrestling promotion called “The BellaDonna Division” which is now the second all-women’s wrestling promotion in The U.S. with Mission Pro Wrestling being the very first all-women’s wrestling promotion in The U.S. that is founded and ran by popular women’s wrestling star in Thunder Rosa.

Here’s my exclusive interview with “The BellaDonna Division” all-women’s pro wrestling owner Kaci Dillon 

Kwame Shakir: How did you become a wrestling fan?

Kaci Dillon: I’ve been a wrestling fan my whole life. I grew up during Hulk-A-Mania, Macho Man, and Sting. The 4 Horseman pounding lights out every week! How could you not love it? 

Kwame Shakir: On a pretty hot Monday night in July 1998 at the young age of 12, I remember flipping through the channels and seeing absolutely nothing that interested me until I stopped to watch a match on an episode of Nitro and upon watching that match, I was absolutely blown away by what I was seeing because this wrestling thing was clearly unlike anything I’ve ever seen prior to that because there were on-screen characters, promos, builds, feuds, and storylines. The match was a very memorable match, but what made that match memorable for me was the ending of that match and I immediately fell in love with wrestling. 

KS: What made you decide to come up with The BellaDonna Division? 

KD: Women’s wrestling hasn’t always been an idea that people have flocked to. It’s always been represented as “T n A” or viewed as “filler” or “lesser than” men’s wrestling. The world is changing. Women are being seen as more than just physical bodies and personal assistants. The same goes in wrestling. Women are finally starting to receive our due credit as athletes. And with that comes a much needed platform. There are numerous women’s promotions throughout the country. Quite a few put out a good product. Quite a few also don’t treat their employees the way they should. And MOST are owned by (old middle aged caucasoid) men.  Having been involved with a lot of those companies, I decided I wanted to change the narrative and provide a safe, comfortable platform for the ladies to show off their skills. 

KS: What chances would you like to see in the wrestling landscape that can make wrestling better again?

KD: Wrestling in general is a very “trend setting” business. But at the same time, very much “trend following” as well. By that, I mean the trends of society are mirrored in the business. The same trash found in society, is also found in the wrestling business. If there’s one thing I’d could change, it would be to rid the business of all its toxicity 

KS: What are your top 5 favorite wrestlers ever?

KD: Sting, Undertaker, Lita, Mickie James, Ric Flair

KS: My top 5 favorite wrestlers are 1) Booker T 2) Jazz 3) Kofi Kingston 4) Eddie Guerrero 5) Sting 

KS: What are things that you like and don’t like about the current landscape of modern day wrestling? 

KD: As mentioned before, I can’t stand the toxicity of this business. But instead of complaining, we made the decision to change it ourselves. I love how open today’s wrestling is. EVERYONE is getting shots these days. Race, gender, sexuality, religion, all of that is, for the most part, not a decisive factor anymore. 

KS: What is your happiest moment as a women’s wrestling fan? 

KD: I can whole heartedly say, watching the women get to main event Mania was my happiest moment. The women having their own Royal Rumble and The Mae Young Classic were all close in the running. 

KS: In your view, what wrestling match would you call “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever?” 

KD: Hart/Michaels at WM 12 will always be my personal favorite match.  

KS: What is your favorite women’s wrestling match as a woman?

KD: Favorite women’s match was Trish Stratus vs Lita main eventing Raw in December 2004. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s mine.

KS: What is your favorite live wrestling experience ever?

KD: My face experience is watching my first Royal Rumble live in 1998. Before, I always had to catch replays. Changed my life when my dad let me spend his money on wrestling.

By Kwame Shakir 

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