5 Reasons I Love Only Fans (And 3 That I Hate)

My feelings about porn are no secret. Despite that, I love OnlyFans. I haven't bought a single piece of content. Despite that, in the rise of the sex workers, we've all seen promotion for OnlyFans cross our timelines at one point or another. Without purchase, I've still come to love OnlyFans for a few different reasons:

Normalizing Sex Work - I think OnlyFans has done a great job moving sex work into the light and making sex workers out to be the normal people they are, not the underbelly of society. People do sex work, it is what it is. It has been going on for centuries, always will. OnlyFans has made it so people who demonize sex workers are forced to realize that their teacher, mechanic, nurse, firefighter or whoever, might have dabbled in sex work before, or currently. A lot of these people have become legitimately loved and respected through their work.

Way Better than Pimping - Pimp C once said, "Pimping ain't dead, it just moved to the net." I think that's great. I don't have any data but I feel like if we don't criminalize things, they become safer. We don't have thousands of people getting abortions with coat hangers in hidden rooms anymore. Bringing sex work to the light and putting it in the hands of the men and women who create their own content seems safer. We've all heard stories about people kidnapped and forced into sex work. Women tricked into participating in porn, men being given illegal injections to shoot porn. I'm comparing porn to pimping, and they each have their own dangers but allowing people to self regulate makes both much safer and healthier.

Making all Bodies Acceptable - I saw a 400lb man making $20,000 monthly on OnlyFans, a woman who relies on a wheelchair for mobility making $40,000 monthly, a senior citizen couple making $10,000. OnlyFans has really shown that no matter how many jokes may be told, there really is someone who loves every body type. It's been interesting to watch as people slowly realize the guys with 6 packs and foot long ding dong or the super petite women with incredible implants aren't what people are looking for. It turns out sex appeal isn't just about the physical standards pushed on us as a society; which I think we all knew were bullshit. Again, with the love and respect people have been praised for normalizing things that may otherwise be forced to live on the edges of society.

Increases Knowledge About Different Kinds of Sex - A lot of people never had sex education. Then there are people who were told missionary is the only position. There's a ton of rules about sex that people try to force on others. Some guys like to be pegged, some women like to be tied up in bondage gear, there are more fetishes than foot fetishes, there are men and women of all orientations that dislike penetration. OnlyFans has made it so people realize that however they like sex, is normal. That's why I've seen so many BDSM clips lately. Be safe with those clamps.

Confidence For All - I think people have become more confident and accepting of themselves. Weather it be about their sexual orientation, body type, kinks or whatever because we've seen so many people who society would call traditionally unattractive or weird become sensations over night. I don't think it boosts the confidence of just the models, but people seeing that the love they receive isn't just monetary or lust, but genuine love and respect.

Don't get me wrong, there are issues with OnlyFans but those are more societal issues. 17 year olds promoting the fact that their accounts will start at midnight on their 18th birthday doesn't sit well with me because I feel they may have been groomed. Don't get me wrong, there have always been people who aspired to be porn stars and wanted to start as soon as possible. That's their right, but it makes me question what happens behind the scenes as well. On the flip side, I'm more disgusted by the adults who count down the time. Barely legal porn never sat right with me, even when I was barely legal.

Another other issue, is a lot of people are going to be turned into accidental sex offenders by trying to push boundaries. Not too long a video was circulating Twitter of a man masturbating on a playground with the excuse that it was nighttime thus no children were around. His account was shut down, but he's hardly the only person filming content outside. I don't care if people are naked or have sex outside, but I need you to be far away from kids and make sure everyone involved is consenting. If that means you only have sex in your backyard with a privacy fence, I can live with it. In my own state of Indiana a woman was fired from her job as a mechanic because of her account. While some outlets report that it was because her boss found out she had an account, it was actually because she was had been promoting her account to coworkers and customers as well as creating content in the garage, wearing parts of her uniform. Part of that is the hustle mentality that America instills in people where you have to do more than one thing at a time as the only way to succeed.

I think overall, OnlyFans provides a net good to society. There are things that need to be corrected, but again, those are parts of society that need work. They aren't strictly contained with OnlyFans. I suppose that makes this list 5 reasons I love OnlyFans and 3 that I don't.

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5 Reasons I Love Only Fans (And 3 That I Hate) 5 Reasons I Love Only Fans (And 3 That I Hate) Reviewed by Darrell S. on Monday, April 12, 2021 Rating: 5

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  1. If you don't watch porn and you don't buy OnlyFans, what do you masturbate to?


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