WandaVision and Fan expectations...

In the eighth installment of WandaVision, we learned that Wanda has always been filled with magical powers and even saved her and pietro's life from that fabled Tony Stark rocket. We also got a hint that Wanda may or may not have seen the future of her being the scarlet witch when the mind stone bonded with her in that hydra lab. And ultimately, Wanda was confirmed as the Scarlet Witch using Chaos Magic as Agatha screamed in the last few minutes of the episode. Marvel wasn't going to let that be the end of the episode as the post credit scene showed "White Vision" being created setting up the finale as only Marvel could do. 

What did we learn ? Well, first the episode confirmed that Agatha has been a witch since the salem witch trials and has the power to absorb other witches magic. Secondly, we *MIGHT* have seen Marvel retcon Pietro and Wanda as the first mutants because in the Age of Ultron it was said that the mind stone gave the twins powers. IF this is true then it will be lay the groundwork of how other mutants have been around from the start. Lastly, this episode confirmed that Evan Peters was definitely a wink wink job by Kevin Feige and we will get into that later. 

In the finale, the aspect ratio changed to fit the screen as most MCU films are with a wider frame shot cutting off the top and bottom of the screen. The episode picked up exactly from where episode 8 finished. So, first I want to say that with Marvel's choice to release these episodes week to week and leave off with cliffhangers it's only right that fans get to speculating what could or could not happen next.....Let me first say that I personally loved how the finale was directed and how the story ended. The problem with fans is that they become so attached that it's almost like they think the show is going to follow through with all their hopes and dreams. Yes, WandaVision had so many Easter eggs and references that had people (Me, included) thinking this show would throw everything in the pot and start cooking. WRONG. Think about how COVID has affected the MCU timeline and realize we weren't even supposed to get WandaVision till late 2021. Due to the pandemic they had to reshoot and change the phase four order and with that I say if you shed all your fan theories and look clearly they did everything they needed to set up the next installments of the MCU.....Heres why:

- Evans Peter's being casted and originally played "Pietro" angered Fox X-Men fans for wasting the character but...an alternate angle is that Kevin Feige basically gave us our first taste of what's to come. Think of Evan Peter's cameo as the beginning of incorporating the X-Men into the MCU, one installment at a time. I think there will be a mutant in almost all the upcoming films/movies until the X-Men finally get their own big picture. This was HUGE. Just because Evan Peter's isn't going to be re-casted as Pietro doesn't mean all is lost.  

- Monica Rambeau just had her backstory told to us while watching this amazing spectacle and the post credit scene in the final episode confirmed Monica is returing for Captain Marvel 2. The first Black Women superhero is in the MCU and if that doesn't get you hyped then you should just stop watching all together. 

- Vision is staying in the MCU !! and Marvel *MAY* follow the West Coast Avengers series with White Vision.

- The way WandaVision was shot and directed could be game changing for the upcoming films dealing with mutli-verse. Each episode had this sense of fear and creepy like feeling, which Marvel has tend to stay away from. Since Marvel has decided to dive into the evil witch magic and satanic vibe, I assume this is just the start of whats to come. 

- Billy and Tommy are going to come back in some form of Wiccan and Speed. In the post credit scene we were left hearing the boys scream, "Mom, Help us please" as Wanda in her astral projection state reads the Darkhold. I think this is just a tease on what Wanda will be doing in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. She is going to get her kids back and nobody will be able to stop her (maybe..). 

- The Darkhold is confirmed and this just opens a bunch of possibilities that I'm sure the Marvel team will take advantage from. Seeing as Wanda is already studying the texts we should expect some crazy visuals and characters to appear in the upcoming Doctor Strange film. Also confirms that Agents of Shield and Runaways had "false" Darkhold's. 

All in all, I loved what Marvel did by breaking this into a nine parts and creating such a creepy tone while keeping the MCU's lightheartedness. This was to me the perfect balance of the dark side of comics, while still keeping it Disney certified. Every week brought different discussions and fan theories that honestly were amazing to be apart of. Sure we did not get everything we wanted but how about enjoying how great the show turned out. I personally enjoyed the sitcom element of the show the most because it added a different element from the usual MCU action sequence, which I love but it was a nice change of pace. The commercials were also scary and added a different layer of story telling to the show. I have only one gripe and that's.... Why was Doctor Strange not alerted about this phenomenon ? Agatha said she noticed the power of the hex and came to Westview. I need a good explanation why Doctor Strange was distracted. Overall, I loved the show and can't wait to see what happenes next.

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