New World Order

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier picks up six months after the results of end game, which gives us clues on what this story could possible tell us. The show starts off with Falcon's POV and show's how the words from Captain America in End Game are still ringing in Sam Wilson heads to this day. Sam clearly feels unworthy of the shield and decides to give away the shield to the Smithsonian museum as an artifact but interestingly enough is that they never state that Cap is dead. Rhodey also shows up in the first episode asking Sam the same questions we have for the Falcon..."Why didn't you pick up the shield, Sam?"  Here are some key things I noticed in the first episode and could set up the rest of the series along the way...

     - Sam aka Falcon has upgraded his tech to the point that red wing his trusty robotic sidekick is starting to react to his commands like its living. A little nod to the comics with these teases and also the wing suit has gotten a new design with some cool features that Sam unveils in battle against Batroc the Leaper.

     - Batroc leads me to believe in this theory that might sound crazy but here me out...Episode One gave me Winter Soldier vibes by the distrust in government that Sam Wilson feels throughout the show. From his comment to Agent Torres about how any time Op's get ahold of his tech it malfunctions, to Sam's disgust when the government chooses Agent Walker to be the next Captain America. Also remember that Batroc was hired by Fury to sabotage shield...So it isn't far fetched to say this could be along those lines.. 

     - Bucky's list of amends could possible include somebody we have not met yet in the MCU. This is me speculating but I believe that this is one way for the MCU to introduce a character or a character's family member that Bucky killed and leaves said character looking for revenge.

     - The Flag Smashers seem to be super powered individuals from the bank robbery scene in Switzerland. I might even theorize mutants again....(I KNOW I WAS WRONG ON WANDAVISION) but look at how Sam reacts to Torres when he says, "do you think these guys might be-" and Sam, says "Shut up and keep this between us." I'm just saying...(also this show will show Madripoor which has ties to the mutants fyi..)

     - Pay attention to the end credits and you will see a lot of potential Easter eggs or foreshadowing done by the show writers. I noticed enhanced Individuals won't save us, Powerbroker is watching and Isaiah Bradley the first Captain America but was shunned because he was black. I would be surprised with only six episodes in this show they would visit that history. Powerbroker would be a huge reveal depending how they introduce him into this series. My guess is he will have something to do with Torres and the Flag Smashers...

Overall, the show was packed with a lot juicy content that I cannot wait to deep dive every week with you all. Leave comment below on what you think could happen next...Follow me @Caseys_Takes for some healthy debate..

New World Order New World Order Reviewed by Casey A. on Saturday, March 20, 2021 Rating: 5

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