Bleed Them Dry #3 Review: He's So Dastardly



 Issue 3 of the new vampire sensation is here. In this issue, unlike the previous two, the action is cranked up a notch. If you haven't you can read the first two issue review here.

In this issue Toyo and Harper are now working together after 3 months of Harper being reported missing. Harper on the other hand doesn't want to help, she's just biding her time until she can get back to "her". They plan is to assassinate Hoss and Black, the first android vampire hybrid I've ever seen. Black is protecting Hoss from Toyo but that goes south. During the impending altercation, Black and Toyo scuffle before Black gets the upper hand and Toyo flees. Meanwhile, a second squad has found Harper and attacking her. 

The chapter was fun. Black is the most interesting character. He's the villain yet he's so entertaining to read. Toyo and Harper take a back seat to him whenever he's around. Harper mentioned "her" in the opening dialogue of the issue.  I was confused. This person wasn't mentioned in the previous chapters so I didn't know what she was talking about but it seems that Harper is a lesbian and this "her" is her partner. That's fine, I think it add more to her personal story as each of the three main characters are bound by their separate stories and the over arching theme. The story ends with Harper showing up at her door even though this person thought she was dead for the last 3 months. 

The story is moving along slowly but in these issues we are given good character development and interactions. You don't want Black to succeed at al but he's enjoyable to watch. I would love for Toyo, who hates vampires, and Black, the comical vampire, to have some form of dialogue in the next issue. Nonetheless I had fun and am looking for the next issue when it drops. 

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Bleed Them Dry #3 Review: He's So Dastardly Bleed Them Dry #3 Review: He's So Dastardly Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 Rating: 5

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