Everything I Hate About Bleach

Yesterday I talked about the things I love about Bleach. Today I destroy this series.

1. Wasted Characters/Shit Females
Bleach has some good character but a few of them are trash and/or have nothing to contribute to the series. The Visoreds were hyped up to be this hybrid of Shinigami and Arrancar but never did anything special. Even in the last Arc they never did shit. The only 3 Visoreds that matters had their ass beat and two of them actually died and became zombies. Chad's whole purpose of being in the series was for either diversity, Kubo likes Mexican culture, or just to be an extra person in the Human Squad. The only good thing Chad did was unlock his second arm but he was one shotted right after that. Besides Chad, Orihime, and Ichigo, all of the Fullbringers are ass and should have died. The females in Bleach are extremely ass. Sui Feng, Yorouichi, Unohana and Hallibel are the only good females in the series. Not only are they some of the strongest characters but they themselves are also good. If you're not one of the females named here, you suck. The worst is Riruka

2. Good Build Up But Poor Execution
For the most part the build up to the climax in Bleach is usually good but the ending isn't always so good. Just looking at the last arc, everything was great. It felt like a true war where the Villains came out and stayed strong where as the Heroes almost lost hope as many of them died or were permanently injured, When Ichigo, Orihime and Chad showed up to the battle after their training, that was the downfall. Not only was it rushed but the fights were horrible and going nowhere. Once again instead of the Sternritters and Shinigami going at it until it was over, Juha just kills his Sternritters for the power. That happened twice and each time he didn't really need it. Ichigo vs Aizen was a huge let down as well. Kubo doesn't know how to end an Arc on a high point.

3. Explanation of Moves/Standing Around
DBZ gets a lot of flak for people just standing around talking and sht but Bleach is wpre. In Bleach not only to they stand around talking but also explain in fully to their opponent everything about their moveset. Bleach fights are good but some of them suck or are boring because instead of learning your opponent through action during the fight, they tell each other how their abilities work. This would be fine for a Mayuri fight because he likes trolling and finding more about his future test subjects but for the rest of them its ass. Bleach characters don't know how to shut the fuck up.

4. Ass Training Arcs
Training Arcs can be fun and for the most part you look forward to them. Bleach training Arcs happen every ar and consist of them standing around and Ichigo getting his ass whooped before something random happens and he ass not only a power up but new powers as a whole. We see the beginning and middle of the training but we never see the end.

5. Story
Bleach's story isn't bad but there are times where it doesn't make sense. Who is ths Soul King and what was his purpose? I don't remember what Aizen's goal was. Genjo Kugo was lame honestly I think Chad could have beat his ass. On top of that, with Mayuri being around, nothing that happens to anyone matters. Mayuri can change anything, even shit he's never seen before but somehow already has a way to fix it. The plots are either way simple or extremely confusing. The Bleach villains which only consist of two people, Aizen and Juha Back are really trolls.

That's it for me. let me know what else you hate about Bleach or love about it. Check out my other upcoming articles this month because it's Bleach month.

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  1. Bleach Sucks! Naruto, Naruto, Naruto!

    1. For all the reasons that Bleach sucks are the same damn reasons why Naruto sucks. I love both tho

    2. It's a great thing One Piece doesn't have any of these flaws.

    3. This is true, One Piece is very solid


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