Katsucon 20: The Experience

Hello folks it’s Taiwan, Squad 9 Captain (Blog Division AKA Blog Battery) from #TheGuild also known as Kuraikore. I just wanted to make a blog about my experience at Katsucon 20 (my first anime convention). Enjoy :D

Day 1
Me, my department manager (Rosa), and her boyfriend got to the hotel a day late due to the weather. Once we got to the hotel where the convention was, I went to get my badge but the line was LONG I MEAN SO DANG LONG! A fair warning to everyone that decides to go to an anime convention, get there early if you can so you can get your badge early.

I got to meet the rest of my roommates, and went exploring around the convention. I saw a lot of different cosplayers, I mean A LOT! It was interesting to see so many different cosplayers. I never really thought much of cosplay due to the fact that my focus is really only on anime and manga as an Otaku but it was nice to see that people really got into cosplaying and seeing some of the work that people put into their cosplay. Day One was more of a kind roaming around in a grade A candy store type of experience. At the end of the day I finally got my badge but it was too late to hit the panels that I wanted to go to. 

Day 2
I went to a few panels, for those who don’t know what panels are; my best definition that I can give you is activities that you can engage in, there are so many different activities that you can partake in that it’s hard for me to go into detail. I went to about three panels, the FUNimation Previews Panel, TBA Crunchyroll, and the Aniplex of America Industry Panel. 
Each panel talked about what anime was going on DVD, showing previews and telling the latest news on what was going on for their companies except Crunchyroll. The Crunchyroll panel was more detailed and the person running the Crunchyroll panel was telling us about how Crunchyroll started, what anime was steaming for this season and how much anime Crunchyroll was steaming all together, how Crunchyroll was expanding etc etc. It was nice to learn about all of those anime type companies from each panel. I would roam more around the convention,  just observing the area and going into random places like the game room, the Gazebo (place where the cosplayers and other people would hang out and take pictures), as well as other places inside the convention. I went to a viewing of Kamisama Kiss with a Twitter follower that I met at the convention. Day 2 was pretty cool and I got to experience more things that I didn’t get a chance to do on Day 1.

Day 3
On day 3 was the last day of the convention, I went shopping at the Otaku Flea market AKA the merchants’ hall with Rosa and her boyfriend. I picked up some pretty good anime. I went shopping as well on day 2 but only brought a little bit of stuff. I took more pictures and went into the artist alley and saw some really nice art. I roamed around more at the convention until it was time to leave.

Side Notes
My roommates are pretty funny. Never knew that Otakus’ party hard! Saw A LOT of Attack on Titan cosplay like 50+ people cosplaying and wearing merchandise of the series. Met my first Twitter follower that I didn’t know in real life etc etc.

Katsucon 20 was pretty dang fun. I recommend that if you haven’t been to an anime convention that you should go to at least one. I had a blast and I hope you enjoyed this article.

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