EP Review: RMR - Drug Dealing is a Lost Art

"I've been hurt, and fucked up too, many years ago," were the words that RMR sang when he catapulted himself into the world of music. Since then, we haven't learned much about the man, we don't know how old he is, what he looks like or anything. What we do know, is the man can sing and wonderfully mixes hip hop and country. For all we know, this could be Lil Nas X big brother.

His debut, EP is entitled Drug Dealing is a Lost Art  and comes in at 9 tracks. Unfortunately, we've already most of these, including the remixes. Cohesively it's what we've come to expect, some wonderful country melodies with a few bars as a cherry on top, there's nothing we haven't seen already here. That's not a complaint, if it's not broken, don't change it. I think it's great he can keep a consistent style while working with multiple producers, most notably Timbaland.

There isn't really a standout track, it all comes down to what you prefer. "Dealer," has been stuck in my head, but Westside Gunn dropped the best feature verse on the album. "Welfare," is the first track and it sets the standards pretty high. Unfortunately, the other features don't really stack up. It could be personal preference but Future, Lil Baby and even Young Thug don't really work for features when RMR is an artist that can really sing. Sang, like the old people say, so they don't add anything to the tracks.

It's a really quick listen, there isn't much to say about the EP. It does what an EP is supposed to do, get you hype for more music from the artist. I hope features are chosen better in the future, not just the hot acts, but artist that mesh well. RMR is primarily a singer, but he does rap; it doesn't make sense to add other people who do rap in the same style as he does. That's why Westside Gunn was such a great feature because there's contrast. Even if there wasn't a ton of new music here, I'm eager for more from RMR in the future.

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EP Review: RMR - Drug Dealing is a Lost Art EP Review: RMR - Drug Dealing is a Lost Art Reviewed by Darrell S. on Sunday, August 23, 2020 Rating: 5

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