Blerd Film Club: I Am Legend

Jaden Smith and Will Smith are a lot alike. They both make music. Both of them make films and television shows. Critics hate everything they both do. Still, people love them (the whole Smith family if we're being real). In 2013 Jaden starred alongside Will in After Earth a film that was almost universally hated. I don't understand, because in 2007 Will starred alongside a dog in I Am Legend and it's almost the same movie, or at least a prequel.

The film begins with a genetically altered measles vaccine runs rampant. For the first time ever anti-vaxxers were correct. Most people are killed, a portion are turned into Darkseekers, a combination of vampires and zombies. Lt. Col. Roberts is one of those to survive. Three years after the outbreak, he lives in Manhattan, believing he's the only human left alive.

He begins kidnapping the Darkseekers and experimenting on them. Eventually Neville makes the mistake of capturing one with a butterfly tattoo. Later Neville is out with the dog when they're attacked by infected dogs. The dog is bitten and Neville's cure doesn't work, so he has to strangle the dog. He goes out at night and in a fit of rage kills every Darkseeker that he comes across. In the process he rescues Anna and Ethan who are on their way to a colony in Vermont.

Depending on which version of the film you watch, there are two endings. The alpha Darkseeker comes to kill Neville for capturing his mate with the butterfly tattoo. Neville blows himself up allowing Anna and Ethan to escape and make it to the colony. The other is that Neville releases his test subject when the Alpha comes, realizing he was the monster to them in their world. He then travels with Anna and Ethan to Vermont.

The movie looked great, but there isn't much else here. Will Smith was just doing some of that great acting. He tends to do that even if critics say otherwise. At one point a sequel was planned, but a lot of the people involved with the film don't like sequels. There's nothing else, it's a great movie with limited dialogue and a simple story. Will Smith is a great actor and there's some cool cinematic shots even if some of the special effects aren't great. There is no deeper meaning other than we can be the monster in someone else's stories.

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