I've Found Love So Frank Ocean's "Blonde" Doesn't Hit Like It Used To

Music is a testament of time. A decade can be summarized by the music that was released under its umbrella. Some music is timeless while others are only here for a good time. In order to digest some music, one must be in a certain state of mind or emotion. In the latter's case, Frank Ocean's "Blonde" is a statement that can only be understood in the plight of sadness.

Upon the album's highly anticipated summer release, at the time I wasn't excited nor was I ready for what "Blonde" would present. The first 3 times I listened to the album I thought "this is cool, but I don't understand the hype". That was it. After that I wouldn't touch the album again until nearly 6 months later in January. By this time I was leaving my job, out of school and the only thing I had was me and my money. One night I found myself in a slump and decided to listen to Blonde. 

This album that I had once placed to the side as a decent outing but nothing special, had become a whirlwind of euphoria I couldn't escape from. Every word, breath, beat switch, snare and synth became clear to me, I realized how much of a masterpiece the album was. My loneliness and Frank's loneliness had found each other at a house party in the corner and began to vibe with each other. I now understood why people loved the album so much, it is the anthem of Sadness.

There is not one ounce of happiness on this album The sliver of happiness we do find comes in the form of materialistic aspects such as money or the sensationalism of gratuitous sex with strangers. Nothing that's tangible to the heart. For the next 2 years, Blonde would be my backpack that I stuffed every morning before school.

In late 2018/early 2019 I would happiness. I was done dealing with toxic people, loving myself again, and I was being loved by my current girlfriend. I was 100% myself again. I had more than just I and Money. I had multiple forms of love. Because of this, that whirlwind of Euphoria wouldn't come around any more.

I would listen to Blonde but things just weren't the same. I still appreciate the musicality, the artistry, and creativity woven into the album but I can not enjoy it on a hyper-emotional level like I once had. Blonde is an amazing album no doubt but I've graduated from its sad atmosphere. As things currently are, I may never enjoy Blonde as much as I once have ever again. And to be honest, that's okay.

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I've Found Love So Frank Ocean's "Blonde" Doesn't Hit Like It Used To I've Found Love So Frank Ocean's "Blonde" Doesn't Hit Like It Used To Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Monday, January 06, 2020 Rating: 5


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