Top 5 Main Differences Between AEW & NXT

With the recent announcement on social media that NXT will move to The USA Network on Wednesday Nights starting September 18th in a very desperate and reactionary move on WWE’s part to counterprogram AEW’s weekly Wednesday Night show that starts on October 2nd. The main reason why WWE moved NXT in a desperate and reactionary move to The USA Network because they absolutely dread the prospect of AEW becoming a successful promotion that could potentially rival WWE in the near future.

It’s no secret that WWE has been taking AEW seriously this year which has led to numerous wrestlers signing 5 year deals for more money from Anderson/Gallows, The Usos, and Mike/Maria Kanellis. And it also led to Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose in WWE) leaving the WWE due to the fact that he was unhappy with how his character was booked and the horrendous overscripted lines he was forcefed by Vince and his garbage writing team.

In WWE’s Mind: We’ll use NXT as a pawn to go after AEW because we’re too big for them because they don’t wanna mess with “The Big Dogs” of Raw/Smackdown.

It’s like the primary antagonist always using their minions to take down the primary protagonist that tries to defeat let alone kill him. I think we see the similarities in the strategy WWE is using NXT to halt AEW’s rising momentum.

This article ain’t about me hating on NXT because I like NXT even though I don’t like everything that I currently see in NXT, but without question NXT is much better than the current WWE main shows. The reason why I wrote this article is to explain that even though AEW & NXT are similar in certain ways like having fast paced athletic style matches, but the main differences I noticed between AEW & NXT that many wrestling fans don’t seem to actually realize.

Here now are top 5 main differences between AEW & NXT.

Established Stars - One of the main differences between AEW and NXT is that while Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, and Velveteen Dream are stars in NXT, but they’re not as big of stars like Jericho, Moxley, Cody, Kenny, and The Young Bucks are in AEW because unlike Jericho, Moxley, Cody, Kenny, and The Young Bucks became more of big established stars outside of the micromanaged WWE environment by making a name for themselves in the the indies, ROH, and NJPW.

Established Tag Teams - While The Street Profits and Undisputed Era are the main tag teams currently in NXT, but they’re nowhere near the level of established tag teams like The Young Bucks and The Lucha Bros are (whether you like them or you don’t) because they not only put on spectacular matches with their fast paced athletic style, but they are two of the most decorated tag teams in wrestling today because they’ve won many titles in numerous promotions from AAA to ROH.

Women’s Division Credibility - Even though NXT has some good female wrestlers from Bianca Belair to Io Shirai, but they are definitely nowhere near as established as the two most recent AEW signings in Jazz and Ivelisse because these two women have wrestled for a combined total of 35 years (Jazz- 20 years and Ivelisse - 15 years). These two huge female wrestler signings for AEW bring much more credibility to their women’s division than NXT currently has.

Two Different Visions - Just because I like NXT doesn’t mean that I like everything about NXT that I currently see because I’ve even been critical of some of the things that I don’t like about NXT. One main thing that I don’t like about NXT is the fact that WWE uses NXT as a talent storagehouse to lock these guys up so that they can’t work non-NXT/WWE shows and the fact that no other wrestling promotion can sign them. NXT also has a reputation of being the talent storagehouse that WWE uses to slaughter them on the main shows as seen with former NXT stars like Asuka, Ember Moon, Robert Roode, Samoa Joe, EC3, Nikki Cross, etc. Unlike NXT, AEW on the other hand does allow their wrestlers to work dates for other promotions so that they won’t be negatively affected by ring rust and they are a land of opportunity for a lot of the current young talent that don’t wanna go to WWE to be seen on a much bigger platform on a national scale.

Difference In The Creative Philosophies - One of the main reasons why many wrestling fans prefer NXT over the current WWE main shows because the creative team writers in NXT write compelling and interesting storylines that keeps viewers wanting to tune in to see what happens the next week. AEW on the other hand will take a much different approach when it comes to their creative philosophy as they have stated in previous interviews that they won’t have any writers, but instead let the wrestlers themselves be the writers so that they can come of with their own compelling and interesting storylines that would definitely make fans wanting to also see what’s gonna happen next week.

Honorable Mention - Commentary - Another main difference between AEW and NXT is the commentary between the two brands. While Mauro Ranallo is a very good commentator for NXT, he’s nowhere near as iconic and legendary as Jim Ross or AEW’s recent signee in Tony Schiavone because these two iconic legendary wrestling announcers have called some of the biggest matches of their 30+ year careers in announcing and have even called some of the biggest moments in wrestling history from The NWO to Austin/McMahon Storyline.

The Conclusion - Even though The Wednesday Night Wars won’t be as legendary and memorable as The Monday Night Wars were in the late 1990s, but Wednesday Nights this fall for wrestling and wrestling fans alike are about to be more fun than watching the current WWE main roster garbage that puts people to sleep.

By Kwame Shakir
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