One Piece Chapter 955 Review: Zoro Got the BBC

"I rarely do chapter reviews but I had to after this OP Chapter. Its not formal like most of my writing so bare with me"

I loved this chapter of One Piece. Its not the best chapter but its sets the series up for the coming battle. So much info was given to us in a way that we can process it but still hype the hell out of it. Zoro just got Enma, one of the 21 Great Swords. It's only been tamed by Oden, former Kozuki Family head. The sword is so powerful that it just takes your life energy in return for large amounts of Ryuuou. The man casually swung the sword at a tree and cut the mountain on half. Man gave a mountain a fade.

The Strawhats are all together. All of the battle preparations are set. Law is scheming something good. At this point, I don't know what to expect. Wano has been so good at throwing me off. With Enma, Zoro might just be the one to take Kaidou or Big Mom down. Law might betray Luffy and who knows what Kidd is gonna do.

As I said, I loved this chapter. I thought the pacing was great. Wano has had great pacing the entire arc. I wished all of, or at least the recent OP chapters were this well paced. We were able to see all aspects of the upcoming battle. Even though we don't know what's gonna happen, we know how it might play out. All these chess pieces are moving closer into one direction. I can't wait to see whose King in the end.

Before I go, I want to talk more about Zoro. This Arc started with him killing a man with a butter knife, which also destroyed a building. I feel as if this arc with end with him killing Kaidou. This man has the game winning shot. He's been poised to be the standout character in this arc before Wano started, and now that it has, Oda has really been pushing him. I thought the OP theories of people saying Zoro would kill Kaidou was annoying but after this chapter, it makes complete since for him to do it. This is what's gonna set Zoro up to be feared among the pirate world more than ever before. Zoro obtaining Enma and taking Kaidou down will put him in the atmosphere of World's greatest swordsmen. He's had top class swords, beaten Ryuma, and never lost since Mihawk. Zoro will be the saviour of this island.

I started thinking about it. Half Strawhat has an Island or a group of people that would come to their aide need be. Luffy has the 1,000 Man Army, Usopp has the Giants and Tonttata, Nami has Beige as a back up and she helped the kids on Punk Hazard, Franky had Franky house. For the most part, the Strawhats have someone, an island or a community that they have a strong bond with. Wano's people, could be Zoro's community. Those are the people who will await his return.

I've rambled on a bit. Regardless, great chapter nonetheless. One Piece is going to be on a whole new level in the coming weeks.

One Piece Chapter 955 Review: Zoro Got the BBC One Piece Chapter 955 Review: Zoro Got the BBC Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Thursday, September 12, 2019 Rating: 5

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