Rick and Morty is Trash

Rick and Morty is a show loved by many. It even forced McDonald's to bring back a horrible gimmick sauce. But you know what, the masses are wrong. It's a terrible show. I'd go so far as calling it trash. That's right, it's trash. I've got 20 reasons why it's trash for you today. That way you can stop wasting your time waiting on the next season that won't come.

1. Rick promotes alcoholism. He makes it seem cool like James Bond. If you just get wasted off your ass until you lose all your pigmentation, you'll be a genius too.

2. Keith David as president, c'mon. You're just trying to one up Saints Row.

3. Rick and Morty forever? Rick and Morty for 100 years? Yeah, I heard that before. Does six seasons and a movie ring a bell?

4. Cartoon Network animation studios pump out brand 36 new episodes of Teen Titans Go! every week with no breaks. But y'all take YEARS between seasons. Y'all writing that slow? You know the saying, study long study wrong.

5. They keep saying no time travel but Rick time travels in the first episode.

6. Back to The Future

7. Why is someone always trying to molest Morty or have him smuggle things in his butt? Leave that child's butt alone.

8. The whole mouth thing is just stolen from Ren and Stimpy

9. Szechuan is fucking trash. I don't care what you say.

10. Bird Person is like 60 and got together with Summer's high school friend.

11. They switch Rick and Morty versions we're following and don't tell us. Nobody has time for all that.

12. Morty has a learning disability and is constantly used for the entertainment of other characters.

13. It's not as funny as Bob's Burgers.

14. Intergalactic cable or Morty's Mind Blowers is just filler content. You take all that time writing each season and you still need filler. That's not good.

15. Portal guns are so 2007

16. Every season ends on a cliffhanger that is solved in the first five minutes if the next episode. This is The Walking Dead all over again.

17. Simpsons did it

18. Doc and Mharti is so trash.

19. You could be reading Exsanguinate instead of watching this.

20. They'll never top The Purge episode so why keep trying?

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  1. Pfft. Man, I already hated the show, just wanted to see why some else might.


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