I'm Too Old To Be a Kpop Stan

I never thought the day would come, where I would say, I'm washed. I started listening to Kpop back in 2012. I was introduced to SISTAR, Wonder Girls, BEAST, MBLAQ and many more. I'm currently 22 and all of those groups are gone.

I used to be able to get on Twitter adn Instagram, use sites like Allkpop and Soompi, looking for new music as well as wanting to see cute pictures and gifs of my favorite bands. Now I don't even know what's coming out.

From Kpop I was introduced to other Korean Music genres like HipHop, R&B and Rock. I started a podcast to talk about my love for all of it but now I don't have the urge to even think about wanting to record. For nearly 4 years I spent days upon days researching and listening to new and old Korean music so that I could but other people onto it as well. Now I don't care.

Kpop, or idol music, such as Girls Generation, CLC and so on, has become so boring to me. Thought I don't discuss other musical genres, I still keep up with it, but not Kpop. Except for my favorite groups, which is basically just CLC and LOONA at the moment, I don't know or care what's going on in the kpop hemisphere. I don't know whose debuting or disbanding, what group belongs to what company, hell, I don't even care about Red Velvet anymore. I've been a Reveluv literally since day 1.

I'm jus too old. I'm also bored. The same tired concepts are overused. Companies are too busy trying to make the next Big Bang and SNSD to actually make a name for their groups. And music composition in general is just too boring. On top of that I just don't have the energy to be running behind every new group that debuts. Being a Kpop stan is a young girl's game and I have retired.

Maybe one day I'll be back in full force but until then, I'll just stick to LOONA and CLC. I heard (G)idle was some heat so I might check them out.

I'm Too Old To Be a Kpop Stan I'm Too Old To Be a Kpop Stan Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Wednesday, July 03, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. What really bored you is the lack of originality, artistry and spontaneity of the Kpop industry. Taking western sounds and giving it a Korean touch is just not enough to keep you interested anymore. It's refreshing in the beginning because of different language and looks but it ends up sounding just like Western pop.


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