Blerd Film Club: Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Malcolm D. Lee has directed a lot of black movies. Soul Men, Girls Trip, Roll Bounce, and The Best Man are just some of the films under his belt. He's also written a few movies. One movie he wrote and directed was Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. The film stars Martin Lawrence, Mo'Nique, Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps, James Earl Jones, Michael Clark Duncan, Margret Avery and more. Needless to say it's has more black star power than BET post Viacom purchase.

Dr. RJ born Roscoe Jenkins runs a successful syndicated radio show. He's won awards and became a motivational speaker. He's dating a past Survivor winner, Bianca and everything is going well for him. With his parents having their 50th wedding anniversary it is time for Roscoe to go home. He buys expensive gifts for his parents and picks up his 10 year old son and Bianca before heading out.

When he arrives in town he runs into his cousin Reggie first. Reggie is the family thief, scammer, hustler, all of that. He asks Roscoe for $300 so he can buy Ice for the BBQ that day. When Roscoe gets home he reunites with his parents and his brother Otis who is the town sheriff. One of the reunion's he's dreading is his older sister Betty who used to bully Roscoe for being awkward. Things get worse when Roscoe's cousin Clyde shows up with Roscoe's old lover Lucinda. The two instantly start competing like kids again.

The events don't go well. Roscoe gets sprayed by a skunk. Bianca keeps complaining about being in the country. Roscoe is still holding judges from childhood such as his father always favoring Clyde. Meanwhile his father is still upset that Roscoe started going by RJ and distanced himself from the family. Not understanding it was because of how the family treated him.

The day of the anniversary they compete in their annual obstacle course. Roscoe and Clyde go 100% from the start. They take out some other family members along the way with disregard. They only want to embarrass the other. Climbing the rope wall, Roscoe leaves his son behind because Bianca says its the only way to guarantee a win. His family is shocked but he keeps moving hoping to beat Clyde. After he wins he celebrates but his father berates him for his actions. Roscoe fires back that he treated Clyde like a son not Roscoe. Clyde apologizes stating he was just looking for family after his parents died. Roscoe's dad finally understands why Roscoe changed his name and didn't call for so long. Roscoe leaves.

On the way to the airport, Roscoe's son complains about leaving and Bianca spends the whole ride there insulting the family. They leave Bianca at the airport and return in time for dinner where Clyde admits Roscoe was the best friend he ever had. The two cry and make amends. Roscoe and Lucinda get back together. Fast forward and Roscoe has his family on his show now called the Roscoe Jenkins show.

This one is just a funny feel good movie. Sure there's emotional family trauma there but it takes a back seat to the comedy. With so many comedic actors it's bound to just be jokes from start to finish. I do wonder how much was improv and how much was scripted. When you get comedians of this standard you're bound to get some hilarious moments.

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