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Rebel Wilson made a lot of headlines, not for her movie, but for her comments surrounding it. She made the claim that she was the first plus-sized woman to star in a romantic comedy. Some people applauded her for this, many people knew this wasn't the case. Mo-Nique and Queen Latifah have both received praise for their dramatic roles but both have starred in many romantic comedies. One such film was 2006's Phat Girlz starring Mo'Nique.

The film follows Jazmin, she's a plus-sized woman who works at a department store. She's spent her entire life overweight, trying different diets and exercise programs with no results. Despite that she keeps on trying. In the mean time she works at a department store for plus-sized women where she constantly tries to get her own fashion designs produced. The women who shop at the store prefer her clothes to the dull attires sold there.

Jazmin wins an all expense paid trip to Palm Springs from one of her diet companies. She invites her best friend Stacy, another plus-sized woman, and her skinny cousin Mia. The trip doesn't start well. Stacy and Jazmin head to the spa but they can't fit the robes. The tables aren't big enough and other guests are making rude comments. Mia however has enjoyed her time at the pool chasing after Nigerian men.

One of the men, Dr. Tunde instantly takes interest in Jazmin and leaves her tongue tied. Stacy is also courted by one of Dr. Tunde's friends, Akibo. The women get invited to a Nigerian Party away from the resort. The men are excited because since they've been in America they've only seen thin women everywhere. Mia is ignored at the party while Akibo and Stacy start their next few days of sexcapades.

Meanwhile Tunde is nothing but a gentleman to Jazmin and she is concerned that he hasn't tried to sleep with her as the trip comes to an end. She asks why he hasn't tried to sleep with her and he explains he didn't want to rush her into something but would gladly sleep with her. However, he's called away for his job before they can have sex.  At home she ignores his phone calls and eats to avoid the emotions. She realizes she's beautiful and regains her confidence.

At work she spots the head buyer for her department store. Directly bypassing her boss who refused to set up a meeting before she speaks with him. She shows him her designs and calls them "Thick Madame." She's backed buy customers who agree her designs are better and quickly has he line launched world wide.

A year later after becoming a success she goes to Nigeria. There she tracks down Dr. Tunde. When she arrives at his mansion, a woman holding a baby answers and she thinks he was already married and just using her. The woman confirms she's Tunde's wife and Jazmin leaves. Tunde stops her at the airport and she tells him she isn't a homewrecker. Tunde explains the woman was a maid and doesn't speak English. They kiss and he invites her to dinner. At the dinner Stacey and Akibo reunite. Mia eats so that she can get bigger because she too wants a husband.

Critics didn't exactly love the movie. Part of it was they felt the story was unrealistic. Entertainment Weekly however felt they spent too much time talking about how Mo' Nique was fat in a movie titled Phat Girlz as if they didn't know what to expect. Despite what critics said the film made the budget back in the opening weekend and continued to have success.

I think in the time of all this body positivity a movie like Phat Girlz is needed. It isn't a film that just praises people for being obese. It also doesn't spend all the time telling people to lose weight, or feel bad for themselves. It's all three. Yes, some people could lose a few pounds, myself included. At the same time, we already know that so if you spend time telling us, you're just jerk. Lastly, being fat doesn't mean you aren't entitled to common decency and things like love.

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