Top 5 Ways In Which Vince McMahon Is Currently Destroying His Own Product

Vince McMahon has never viewed pro wrestlers in his company as wrestlers, he’s always viewed them as “sports entertainers” a term that he first coined after he inherited the WWE from his father Vince McMahon Sr. in 1984.

Vince has turned WWE into a multi billion dollar company while also expanding their brand throughout the world in places like Australia where they had The Super Showdown and Saudi Arabia where they had the recently controversial Crown Jewel glorified house show event.

Nowadays, Vince McMahon is out of touch with the current young generation of casual wrestling fans (fans of wrestling for 3-5 years) and his booking decisions negatively reflect based on what he thinks the fans want vs what the fans really want and because of that, he’s killing his own product in numerous ways unbeknownst to many casual young wrestling fans who think that the current WWE product is “absolutely great”.

Here are top 5 ways in which Vince McMahon is currently destroying his own product.

1. Killing Off The Tag Team Division - Back in the day, WWE had some of the greatest tag teams to have ever wrestled for the promotion from The Mega Powers, The Hart Foundation, The Rockers, The New Age Outlaws, Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, etc who definitely changed the face of the tag team division in The WWE by putting on amazing tag team matches that got them over with fans and were instant classics. Fast forward to 2018, Vince McMahon basically buried the tag team division, specifically on Raw by having DX just absolutely destroy The Revival during “Raw 25” and having Braun Strowman bury all the tag teams on Raw by winning The Raw Tag Team Titles with a 10 year old boy named Nicolas at this year’s WM34. It’s safe to say, the tag team division in WWE nowadays especially on Raw has been pretty much killed off by The Evil Genius himself.

2. Burying Popular Stars - If there’s one thing that Vince McMahon hates more than anything, it’s the fact that he hates it when certain wrestlers get over with the fans without his say-so, so he deliberately stifles their momentum and popularity by burying them in some of the most horrendous and vicious ways by having Alexa Bliss assassinate Bayley’s character, having Bobby Lashley’s so-called “sisters” embarrass him in the ring by their appearance, omitting Daniel Bryan from The 2014 Royal Rumble, turning former NXT Stars like Asuka, Sasha Banks, and Ember Moon into a complete joke by burying them on the main roster. Burying popular stars doesn’t help the main roster performers capitalize on their momentum, it basically destroys it.

3. Stupid/Dumb Booking Decisions - Over the past decade, Vince McMahon and his kiss ass garbage writers have made so many stupid booking decisions that have also turned many old school wrestling fans like myself away from the current WWE product. Examples of stupid booking decisions include: 1) Letting his son Shane win The World Joke Cup at Crown Jewel 2) Killing off The Bayley/Sasha Banks feud by taking them to “therapy” 3) Having Kevin Owens “quit” for a week only to return the following week 4) Giving part-timers taking way too much airtime away from young full-time performers 5) Ultimately burying Smackdown at this year’s Survivor Series by booking his main show Raw to have a clean sweep on the main card. Stupid/dumb booking decisions like these have continued to be a huge detriment to the current WWE product which also continues to turn fans away from the current WWE product.

4. Constantly Bringing In Part-Timers - Another main way that Vince McMahon is currently killing his own product is by constantly bringing in part-timers who are taking time away from the young full-time performers who are on the road almost every day of the year. These part-timers are also detrimental to the product for several reasons 1) Young full-time performers are left off the card 2) Refusing to create new stars 3) Burying young full-time performers who have gotten over with fans on the main roster 4) The continuous decrease in Raw’s ratings 5) Giving them unnecessary title runs via Brock Lesnar. The main event at the recent Crown Jewel glorified house show event was DX vs Brothers Of Destruction. This match would’ve been better suited for The Attitude Era because this match has no place being anywhere near the main event in today’s WWE.

5. Three Hours Of Raw - I have written several articles as to why three hours of Raw is also killing the current WWE product. Vince McMahon refuses to acknowledge let alone realize how much his three hour Raw show is killing his own product because his ego is extremely bad. I am definitely not a big fan of the the three hour Raw for several legitimate reasons: 1) Redundant Storylines 2) Rushed/Compounded Builds 3) Too Much Filler Garbage 4) Too Many Meaningless Filler Matches 5) Too Much Overexposure Of Certain Performers On The Main Roster via Bayley/Sasha vs The Riott Squad almost every week of this year. The ratings of Raw have continued to drop every week, every month, and every year because of the three hour format.

The Conclusion - Unless the current WWE product gets a major overhaul, Vince McMahon will continue to do the things I listed above in this article that will continue to kill his own product.

By Kwame Shakir
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  1. Posting reminders about WCW's stupidity on YouTube as a way to bury them as the irony is that WWE is doing the same thing only worse.


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