Recap: Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Cuatro - part 2

Poster for the 2 out of 3 falls match between El Dragon Azteca Jr and Fenix from Ultima Lucha Cuatro. The background is mostly red with what appears to be an explosion in the background. El Dragon Azteca Jr (a brown skinned Latino luchador with tattoos and wearing a black and green mask) and Fenix (a brown skinned luchador with tattoos on his torso and wearing a birdlike mask) face off against each other doing their signature poses.

By: E. Young

And so it ends… Ultima Lucha Cuatro parte dos!

This was so much show that we needed 2 hours, and rest assured LU uses every single bit of that 2 hours from the How We Got Here montage to the bitter end.

But, after part 1’s emotional rollercoaster ride, what could part 2 have in store for us? Well, there’s… pain. Oh, and demonic possession.

Yes, season’s end time in the temple means that we are ramping up on the WTF. The show opens up with a tender moment between Taya and Johnny, who is drunk on the power of the gods as granted to him by the gauntlet. Johnny leaves to face his sacrifice match with dignity, leaving Taya alone. Or is she? There appears to be a doll in her locker. Oh no, it can’t be –


Taya has a fateful encounter with Ricky’s creepy ass doll and neither she nor I will ever be the same! Maybe she’ll get over it before the end of the episode. On to the matches!

2/3 Falls: El Dragon Azteca Jr vs (Dark) Fenix

Unlike Vampiro, I love a good Best of match. 2 out of 3, 5 out of 7, I just love the tension these matches create. However you feel about the build up to this match and the Azteca and Fenix feud, big matches are where Fenix shines. Things pick up when Cueto the Father announces that the match is a falls count anywhere (it wasn’t before? Said who?). Unfortunately, Melissa becomes an albatross around this match. Melissa has been involved with feuds before, especially where Fenix is concerned, but it just gets… awkward. The last few minutes of the match turn kind of wack and Melissa is so overcome with emotion that she leaves…

Only to be replaced to the very-similar-but-not-quite Shaul Guerrero! You may know Shaul Raquel Diaz from her short stint with the WWE. Oh, you may also know her entire family as she’s the daughter of Eddie and Vicky Guerrero. No surprise because this family is all over the show from production credits on down, but Shaul is a great replacement.

Well, Famous B doesn’t think so. To be fair, Famous B is usually our special guest announcer. He tries to shoo Shaul out of the ring but gets hit with the Three Amigos and a frog splash from Chavo for all his trouble. Maybe Shaul and Melissa will get into it eventually?

Mack vs Mil Muertes: Deathmatch Edition

Mack recently announced that he’s no longer afraid of the big bad spoopy Mil Muertes. Mack is another guy that shines in big moments, although even with 3 coffins, a hatchet, an axe, and an ice pick, this match somehow still wasn’t as brutal and shocking as the Halloween match. But, that doesn’t mean it’s tame by any means. Mil and Mack still go after each other with all the hate either of them can muster (and bricks and other things). This match may not been as gory but damnit all those Mack Stunners felt good, and we get a few more mufuckas before the watershed from Mack. Official proof that El Rey are marks.

Sacrifice to the Gods: Johnny Mundo vs Matanza Cueto

Pour one out for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. As the semi-main event, this was definitely one of the matches of the night. The fact that Johnny MIGHT lose is terrifying enough, but to lose and never come back? Don’t say that to my face. Matanza comes out in a bad ass headdress looking like the dude that lures you into the pit full of cannibals in a horror movie.Highlights include Matanza throwing Johnny straight to hell and Cueto showing actual fear at Johnny having the gauntlet on. And boy did he have reason to be afraid!

Cero Miedo match: Pentagon Dark vs Marty “the Moth” Martinez

Okay, I think it’s safe to admit that all cero miedo matches are pretty much the same formula. Pentagon bloodies someone up with various objects around the ring, there might be a fluorescent light bulb stack and some fire (we got that a few episodes ago), then the chair spot. Right? Does that make them bad or predictable? No, because A) Pentagon completely owns these matches and B) Nothing good ever happens to Pentagon when he wins. The twist in this match, though, is that Marty is equally as psychotic as Pentagon and, after a few false starts, puts un poco ciedo into the masked ninja’s heart. As the main event and close of the show, this one has to be good. But it goes above and beyond in terms of bloodshed and match intensity. And just when you think it’s over… it’s not! Remember, I said nothing good happens to Pentagon when he wins. And in this match, ever little last bit of his hubris from 3 seasons comes back to bite him in the ass all at once.

It’s not a season finale without one of LU’s patented ending montages. This one neatly wraps up plot points from this season and the last, while introducing some new intrigue. We finally find out who Vampiro’s master is, where Black Lotus has been this whole time, what Aerostar’s ultimate game is, what the hell is Rosa the doll, and last but not least: who is Dario (now Antonio) Cueto’s evil boss? It’s exactly who everyone predicted a couple seasons ago, but I’m not here to spoil!

Phew. I’m exhausted. I can’t take anymore, which is good because it’s the end of the season. Hopefully we’ll meet again in the Temple sooner than later with a brand spanking new Season 5. Mo’ money, mo’ sacrifices, mo’ lucha! Until then, ascend my friends!
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